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February 21, 2017

Southern ENT’s 2017 theme is One Goal, One Team. Together!


A History of First’s

Cochlear™ (the Company) was the first company to invent Cochlear Implants over 30 years ago. They have continued to be the leading global Cochlear Implant Company. This status has been achieved through relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to scientific research.

We invite you to come with us this coming year as we explore the world of firsts in history, sound, and science and demonstrate how Southern ENT and Cochlear™ are not only first and foremost when it comes to implant technology but that we have always been ‘Original from the Beginning’.


Famous Cochlear™ Firsts

First Implant Recipients

- 1977: Mona Andersson becomes the first Baha implant recipient

- 1978: Rod Saunders became the first recipient of a multi-channel Cochlear implant. The following year he uses the first portable sound processor and handheld microphone.

- 1987:  Holly McDonell aged four becomes the first paediatric recipient of a commercial Nucleus Cochlear Implant. She is still using her original implant and has had five sound processor upgrades.


First in Class

- Cochlear™ set the industry standard showcasing Lifetime Commitment to implant recipients by providing a BTE (Behind-the-ear)option for individuals implanted with earlier technology. Proud to be the first company to enable compatibility between our oldest implants (1986) and the newest sound processing technology available (Nucleus 6).


First Cochlear Hybrid

- 2008: Debut of the first Hybrid implant device focused on overcoming high frequency hearing loss. Cochlear Hybrid combines the best of implant technology and hearing aid technologies together.  


First full-length ultra thin advanced Electrodes

- 2012: Proud to be the first and only company with the industry’s thinnest full-length a-traumatic, pre-curved electrode. The slim straight is up to 40% thinner than other electrodes on the market. Pre-curved soft tips allow for minimal insertion trauma and precision placement. Patented basal stiffeners at the base allow surgeons to insert it smoothly and reduce the potential for injury in the delicate inner ear structure. View our Nucleus electrode profile here.


First Apps to Control Sound Processors

- 2014: Released the Cochlear Baha Control App. It transforms your Smartphone into a convenient cutting-edge remote control device to interact with your sound processor. For Cochlear™s other awesome apps see here [1] & [2]

- 2015: The Cochlear™ Baha® 5 sound processor was the world’s first bone conduction sound processor to offer direct-to-device streaming using Made for iPhone technology. No intermediate devices are needed to stream phone calls or music directly from your iPhone to the sound processor.


First Waterproof Accessories

- 2014: The Aqua+ was and is the first CI accessory that can easily waterproof the behind-the-ear sound processor that you already wear.  Swim, surf or snorkel with confidence as the Aqua+ can be submerged in fresh, salt, or chlorinated water up to 3 meters for up to two hours. Read more about Cochlear™  accessories here.


Oldest and Youngest Recipients

- In our “Never Too Late” article we featured Hedwig Christophe who became the oldest person to receive a Cochlear implant at 99 years of age! More on her incredible story here:

- 2016: Baby Neave Barrett became the youngest Cochlear Implant recipient in South Africa after a successful surgery at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town. Read and watch her amazing story and first experience of sound here.


A Future of Firsts

Choosing a product also means partnering with that company for life. With Southern ENT at your side you can be confident that our commitment to excellence is deeply ingrained and will continue as we move forward into a Future of Firsts.

For any information or advice, please call our offices on 011 667 6243

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