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6 Benefits of Reading to Children

November 4, 2014

Never underestimate the power of reading to your children


In March 2013, the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research  showed that children four to five years of age who are read to three to five times a week are six months ahead of their peers in terms of reading acumen. Those children who are read to daily are a year ahead of those who are read to less frequently.


Teaching your children a love for reading is a major part of raising children who not only love to learn, it opens new horizons for them to explore their imagination and expand their language skills.


Start reading to your children from when they are very young. Even if they have no understanding of the written word, they will love to listen to your voice and by pointing to the pictures you can teach word association. Reading aloud encourages them to use their imagination and develops language and listening skills – All of which are critical to future learning. Over time they will learn the rhythm and melody of language, making it much easier for them to learn to read.


What better gift can you give your child? Here are some more benefits of reading to your children:

-Reading aloud to your children offers a perfect bonding opportunity for you and your child. The happiness and comfort they associate with the time you spend together is a treasure.

-Reading aloud will help your children to learn how to pronounce words and how to use them. This instills confidence in their speech, making them feel good about themselves.

-Reading helps to build a boundless vocabulary that will not only make your child more confident when communicating, it will stand them in good stead in a world where communication is at the heart of belonging and success.

-It also gives you insight into your child’s feelings and creates a platform for communication. Talking to your child about a story that you have read will help your child learn more about the world around him / her.

-Books are a brilliant way to teach children about Life’s challenges and how to handle them. This gives them crucial coping skills to survive in the world. There are many books available on subjects like getting a new sibling, a pet or family member dying, moving house and not being afraid of the dark.

A good book is also a friend and companion, an opportunity to relax and escape and learn more about the world.


The ability to hear can impact your child’s experience of reading

Untreated hearing loss can negatively impact your child’s ability to speak, learn to read and thrive at school.

If you are worried about your child’s hearing it is important to have it checked by a hearing professional. If you discover that there is a problem, Southern ENT has the solution to your child’s hearing problems so that they can enjoy all the benefits of being read to.

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