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April 14, 2016

The journey is more than the highlight-reel

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Despite the real and celebratory successes those who struggle with hearing impairment achieve, we must be aware that behind these breakthroughs come as a result of perseverance  and hard work.  The gaggle of YouTube video’s showing emotional picture perfect moments of breakthroughs are wonderful to watch & for Cochlear Implant Recipients, the moment of ‘turning on’ is definitively a memorable one.

It is just that if we only focus on the highlight reel we may miss the real beauty of the whole story.

Behind every individual experiencing hearing impairment or hearing loss, there is an individual with a unique story. While the story may feature heroic scenes; the unedited version will be more than often the stuff of regular life and the perseverance that it requires. The in’s and out’s of maintaining relationships, a home, work, raising children, finding meaning, and all the usual ingredients of human life.

Just because the team at Southern ENT is focusing on HEARoes, doesn’t mean we shy away from looking at life behind the mask.

Those living with disability know that it is in the details of our everyday living that some of our most harrowing and most meaningful moments are experienced. Sometimes the biggest accomplishments are things that others wouldn’t blink an eye at or perhaps even notice.

For instance; the world noticed when Heather Whitestone was the first Deaf woman to be crowned Miss America in 1995. However, it was years later and far from the public spotlight when her son fell down in the backyard and she was unable to hear him crying; this incident motivated her decision to receive a cochlear implant. For her and her family, what some might consider the mundane reading of a storybook took on special significance. When the first words she heard and understood was her son’s voice repeating “Goodnight Moon”, Life became anew.


The ordinary made extraordinary because it holds meaning to us.

It would be a mistake to only look at the flashbulb moments of success in our lives and the lives of those we consider heroes. We must not glaze over the less perfect moments and the struggle! It would be a mistake to overlook the hard work, dedication, and perseverance applied on the road to creating & experiencing those moments.


At Southern ENT, we are here for it all, not just for the big moments and the destination!

We are here for the missteps, the recalculations, the setbacks, and the little things. We have the capability to individualize solutions and the passion to find what works.

We at Southern will be here, because we understand that after the momentous switch-on ; that you still have to live it, every day. You have our support for the realistic, unromantic, quiet diligence and consistency that is required for results.

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