Blue Ear & Sapheara Comic Series to be Extended

November 3, 2016

Back in Action


Marvel Entertainment has partnered with The Children’s Hearing Institute of New York to bring back beloved SuperHEARoes Sapheara and Blue Ear in special limited edition comic strips!


The short history of a new hero

When a young boy refused to wearing his hearing aids saying his favourite superheros did not wear them – inspiration was born for a new kind of hero, a SuperHEARo! Collaboration between Marvel and New York based non-profit organization The Children’s Hearing Institute, produced Sound Effects the first comic book of its kind.

Sound Effects features well-known superhero Iron Man introducing new relatable characters as SuperHEARoes.

Blue Ear is a genius inventor who works fantastically with sound and light and happens to also wear a hearing aid.  Sapheara is a young girl with bilateral cochlear implants, who can control the energy of light.

The dynamic duo saves the day and the city. Themes examined include hearing loss, hearing loss prevention and false negative stigmas surrounding hearing disabilities. These themes are addressed through beautifully drawn, action packed story lines.

To delve more deeply into the history, storyline, and conception of this unique comic book read Southern ENT’s here or from Marvel’s side here.


Behind the animated scenes

The Children’s Hearing Institute was founded to bring awareness and funding for services to infants and children who live with hearing loss, deafness, and other auditory disorders. The comic book Sound Effects was and continues to be a tool for these purposes. Its original distribution was accompanied with a teaching guide and was freely donated to New York public schools. The educational and exciting comic book Sound Effects is offered as a free download here.

 If you are interested in or require a hard copy of Sound Effects contact The Children’s Hearing Institute directly for information.


Why Blue Ear and Sapheara are back

Marvel and The Children’s Hearing Institute were thrilled with the overwhelming positive response which Sound Effects received by educators, advocates, parents and most importantly, children. In a move timed to raise awareness of Better Hearing & Speech month in the United States they decided to offer the public a continuation of the partnership between Sapheara and Blue Ear and over the next several months they are releasing four new comic pages to tell more of the story.

The first installment of the new comic strip series entitled Part one: Roof Top Rescue is available to be downloaded and printed at no cost here.


The important role of real life SuperHEARoes

In the past people and especially children who were differently-abled shied away from the spotlight and often tried to hide their disability. Young people often had an excruciating time dealing with being excluded from activities. They were also subjected to insensitive and sometimes cruel remarks from peers who saw a visible difference as an easy thing to pick on. Thankfully, as a result of the diligent work of advocates and individuals who have stood up for the right to inclusion and acceptance; things are beginning to change for the better. There is still plenty of work to do and SuperHEARo support from the likes of Sapheara and Blue Ear help our community make great strides forward. They propel our youth affected by hearing impairment forward by providing positive role models that can be related too.

These inspirational comics also reach those not personally affected by hearing loss by bringing attention to its prevalence, raising awareness of preventable hearing loss, and breaking down barriers of stigma arising from lack of knowledge.

Importantly, they also highlight potential treatment options and the existence of possibilities on the journey toward sound.

At Southern ENT we recognize the unique story of every individual with hearing loss and applaud SuperHEARoes in real life and in print!

For any information or advice, please call our offices on 011 667 6243

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