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February 3, 2016

The birth of a SuperHEARo!

DD Comic Kapow Illustration 78603 Preview

It is not every day that a superhero is created, and yet, we are surrounded by SuperHEARos every day.  We just don’t realize it.  And so, Marvel Comics – the creators of Iron man, Thor and The Avengers, heard the plight of a small boy who wanted to be like his comic book heroes and decided to highlight the super powers of those who benefit from hearing implants and hearing aids.


The Southern ENT connection

We at Southern ENT decided that 2016 would be the year of the SuperHEARo. Our partners, Cochlear™, have created the unique ability for those without hearing to hear again, and even more so have created technology and accessories that truly make its powers super!  We therefor want to pay tribute to all the SuperHEARos – our implant recipients, their families and the amazing professionals who work with them.

Every SuperHEARo needs a side-kick and Southern ENT is proud to offer support to all the individuals and institutions involved in turning hearing loss into an opportunity to overcome the impossible.

But let us not digress too much from this amazing Blue Ear and his story!


Where it all began

A mother in need turned to Marvel Comics with a problem. Her son would not wear his hearing-aids because none of his comic book heroes were wearing any … and Marvel took it from there. They discovered that young Anthony Smith called his hearing-aids “Blue Ear” simply due to them being made of blue plastic, and aptly named their new super hero “Blue Ear”. Marvel then did what they do best, they took it to a superLevel! Not only was the hearing-aid superhero Blue Ear invented, but also a cochlear implant recipient superhero “Sapheara”.  Blue Ear was officially introduced to the comic book world by the famous Avenger, Iron Man – who teamed up with Blue Ear in a comic book called “Sound Effects”. You can read Sound Effects by clicking here.

“Sound Effects” is a single comic storyline in which Iron Man, Blue Ear and Sapheara save New York City from an attack.  The comic addresses relevant issues by  debunking negative stigmas such as wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants. It emphasizes the effects of bullying and the prevention thereof, while it  also raising awareness regarding hearing loss.

The identity of Blue Ear is that of Dr Pedro Perez, a hearing impaired scientist working for Tony Stark (Iron Man) on one of his most top secret projects involving superhero sound technology. This access to the world of sound enabled Dr Perez to upgrade his personal hearing aid, and it is these futuristic functions that allow him to become Blue Ear and help him save the day! So how does Sapheara become a SuperHEARo and become part of the action? – You will have to check out the awesome comic book initiative by Marvel Comics yourself!


Thanks to Marvel Comics and hearing loss awareness, young Anthony Smith now knows that he is a SuperHEARo and is confident enough to make good use of his previously unused hearing aids.


And so, a new kind of a SuperHEARo is born and we will share many more real life stories of HEARo’s throughout the year. Southern ENT & Cochlear™ want to continue the great work of Marvel Comics’ Blue Ear and tackle all the relevant topics associated with hearing loss.    So if you have a story to share about a South African SuperHEARo, be sure to let your side-kick Southern ENT know!

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