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September 15, 2015

Get into the great outdoors


Life is happening right now. Outside it is spring & spring is the season of renewed life and vigour. The trouble is many of us get caught up in a world waiting for life to happen to us, when in fact we should be out chasing life… and spring is the season to open you mind to the world of positive possibilities South Africa has to offer.

In a world of negative press and doom & gloom you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that South Africa’s spring and summer festival season offers an amalgamation of alluring outdoor festivals to suit any and all individual tastes. At Southern ENT our theme for 2015 is “The Journey”. For us this is a metaphor for those undergoing their journey through hearing loss & cochlear/Baha implants. But this includes journeys of discovery outside of this field to show that life can be more about what you put in rather than what simply happens to you. Making time to get outside and enjoy the festivities is a journey each and every South African should take advantage of.


- Arts Alive: multiple events, different genre’s all happening in JHB http://www.arts-alive.co.za/

- Taste of Joburg:  Monte Casino plays host to a celebration of Joburg’s cuisine culture. All of Joburg’s top restaurants create unique menus for the occasion & pair their food with local wines of international standard.  Taste of Joburg is not only for the foodies; festival goers are treated to craft beer, live entertainment & celebrities.

- The BMW International Polo Test Series: In 2015 the New Zealand polo team is touring South Africa & this provide ample opportunity to take in the sights, sounds and atmosphere of the sport of kings. The thunder of hooves and the smell of sweating polo ponies is all good and well, but when you add Champaign and high society it just may be a day out to remember.


- White Mountain Music Festival: Not a Woodstock type vibe but rather a folk singer celebration of South African artists that plays deeply into our journey theme. A journey to the central berg may just be what the doctor ordered to hear some of this country’s best storytellers sing their tales.

The setting is magnificent, the experience second to none & the street culture on display will provide insights into the real future of the youth. Oh and you’ll hear some talented musicians too.

Cape Town

- Hermanus Whale Festival: join the local townsfolk of Hermanus for a festival of food, shopping, culture and of course whales. Street side cafes and markets make for the perfect auditorium to watch whales & calves breach & roll within the safety of the bay. There is no greater sight than bearing witness to these whales lift their bulk from the water, and to hear the crash roll in a few seconds later on the wind above the festival din adds magnitude to the experience. This should be on everyone’s bucket list.

We cannot tell you that a festival papers over the cracks of larger issues within our nation but we do know that if each South African took time to enjoy at least a single festival with the mind-set of joyful celebration then this country would be a happier & better place. Ultimately, many people have decisions made for them… be it hearing loss or electricity, but don’t let these element out of your control dictate a journey of joy that is at your fingertips. Make your day, be playful and stay safe.
Be inspired, become engaged, do some research and plan some future fun. It’s healthy to have things to work towards, to have things to look forward to.

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