Challenging the limits – climbing without ropes

November 6, 2015

The leap to wireless



The epitome of any pursuit is to the throw off the shackles of the “tried & tested” and forge new paths soon to become the new norm. It is how we advance any profession, hobby or industry… it is human nature to explore the unknown.

Something close to our hearts at Southern ENT is breaking the boundaries, and stepping bravely into the future. This for us is going wireless (Baha) (Nucleus), but that made us ask ourselves what other daring folk go wireless as the pinnacle of passion and professionalism; we could think of none other than the sport of mountain climbing.


Not the only one

Musicians have taken wireless to the stage. Most would argue that skydiving without a static line (going wireless) heightens the experience, but no other pursuit matches the calculated decision making process of climbing without ropes … and so we see many similarities for those within our world of Cochlear & Baha implants.


It’s safe on the ground

It is only the daring few that look upon mountain vistas and dream of scaling their heights, conquering the visible boundary between life and death. Many of our patients similarly would never wish hearing loss upon another, but once you are in the know the reality is that the process is far from a life-sentence but rather a window into a lost world within infinite possibilities previously deemed unattainable.


The journey up a granite rampart could be considered similar to your first endeavor to scale up the perceived mountain of hearing loss.

  • The first steps are worrying & perhaps scary
  • Once the journey has begun there is no going back – the only direction is up
  • Halfway to the summit you realize this has its challenges but the end-goal is absolutely worth it
  • The summit brings with it elation in the knowledge that something previously insurmountable has been overcome.


So why climb without ropes?

From a cochlear implant perspective wireless technology allows fine tuning of your device to specific scenarios. This allows perfected hearing in all situations and environments. Climbing without ropes requires heighted awareness of all your surroundings and challenges the norms as does going wireless to traditional cochlear implant wearers.


The only difference

The choice in climbing wirelessly is a decision of skill between life and possible death. The difference in going wireless with Cochlear is that of enhancing your experience and improving your life. The rush is the same, the situational awareness identical.. you need to be in complete control on the mountain, with Cochlear wireless this control is at your fingertips.

If nothing else, enjoy the scenery, skill & cinematography of these climbing videos. We hope they inspire you to take the step to wireless, and if you are watching as an individual without cochlear technology let these scenes become an inspiration to challenge yourself in your favourite pursuit.

 The videos are of Alex Honnold, arguably the world’s most respected free climber:

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