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December 22, 2016

Fact Finding: An excellent place to start

Cochlear and Southern

Choosing to receive a cochlear (refers to product not company) implant or help your child or family member receive one is a major decision and the company you choose to partner with, is for LIFE – this is not an exaggeration, but the reality.

That is why an excellent first step on the Journey to Sound is to begin with a fact-finding mission such that you can make an informed decision. Take some time to research & understand the capabilities of modern sound technology to know the options available to you.


Search Tips:

To avoid being overwhelmed by information overload while searching:

- Set a time limit for each of your online research sessions

- Take notes while you search to highlight information that is important to you

- Bookmark forums and support groups so that you can revisit them

- Write down any questions that come up so you can ask your doctor or audiologist

- Consider joining an online forum to participate with others in similar situations


Choosing a Cochlear Implant Company

Individuals and family members can sometimes experience a crushing sense of pressure when having to decide upon which brand of Implant to choose for themselves or their children.

Anxiety regarding this choice can leave one feeling exhausted, stressed and negatively impact on how you experience the process. Simplify it by keeping in mind that more contributes to success than simply brand.

Cochlear™ believes there are four key pillars that contribute to getting the best results from a Cochlear implant. These are Implant + Processor + Rehabilitation + Support.


Questions Worth Asking before You Make Your Choice:

Here are some possible aspects to consider incorporating into your decision making process when looking at various Implant companies.

- How long has the Company been in business for?

- Does the company operate with a high standard of ethics?

- How has the company acted to ensure its business practices will keep it in business over the course of your/your child’s lifetime?

- Does the company comply with all required regulation?

- How has the company handled any safety concerns in the past?

- How committed is the company to advancing tech for the future?

- Number of patents applied for (can demonstrate forward thinking in tech for the future)

- What is the reputation of the company?

- What extra services does the company provide to customers?

- What is the length of warranty offered and how long is device built to last?

- What are the company’s device reliability statistics?

- What accessories are available?

- Are add-ons to the device required?

- What is the Battery-Life of specific models


Joining the Cochlear™ Family

Here at Southern ENT we feel strongly that the technology we offer, Cochlear™, is the best in the world. That is one of the reasons we are so forth-coming in encouraging individuals and their families to do their own research, form and ask questions important to them, and investigate our proven track record as a company.

We are confident that your independent research into Cochlear™ as a business will reveal a record of excellence.


Highest commitment to quality & regard for safety:

Cochlear™ has decades of experience. They have been creating A+ Implants since 1981. Their annual reports testify to the safety and reliability of the devices. Read this article in Business News to learn more about the history and sustainability of Cochlear™ as a company.


Greatest engineering and technical minds paving the way for Life-Changing advancements:

Cochlear™ has over 100 active research partners in 20 different countries. The processors are highly advanced and allow for streamlined processing. There is a comprehensive accessory range providing useful ways to get more! As an indicator of Cochlear™’s drive for more advanced sound technology in the future there are close to five hundred patents registered with the US patent office.


Quality professionals committed to helping ensure success & provide the support you need to make your dreams of sound & connection come true:

Cochlear™ is a global company. There are over 2,500 individuals worldwide working to help bring sound to you! The worldwide Cochlear™ community offers support to implant users on every continent!


Future minded business practices to ensure we remain the industry leader:

Cochlear™ takes the promise “Hear now. And always” seriously, it embodies the approach in research and design team professionals. Cochlear™ strives to develop and enhance existing state of the art sound technology. Cochlear™ is committed to bringing you the benefits of ever-advancing technology over a lifetime! One practical way to demonstrate this pledge is through the way the implant systems are designed to access the newest technology upgrades without requiring additional surgical procedures.  

An additional example of the future minded business practices, is what has been named the “global strategy based on organic growth.” Cochlear™ was identified by an industry expert in this article as a company that “…can grow in good times and bad. It’s not about the economic cycle. It’s about the business model”


Astounding records of device reliability:

For Cochlear – Reliability Matters” Cochlear™ is the only company that meets and complies completely with the independent global standard reporting requirements on device reliability. Every year, reliability results are published for each current and past implant generation. Download the entire 2016 Reliability report here.


Creative Resources to build your confidence such you get the most out of your device:

Cochlear™ offers various rehabilitation resources such as the Telephone with Confidence Program and the Hope resources. Hope resources include HOPE Notes; a first of its kind program created to improve music perception and appreciation as well as the HOPE word app for building language recognition and listening skills in children. For more guidance and to access these great resources visit here or get in touch with one of our own audiologists at Southern ENT for more information.


When you choose Cochlear™ in South Africa, you are paired with us, Southern ENT. We are the sole providers of Cochlear™ technology in South Africa. Life-Long Support & Hearing Health is our passion!

For any information or advice, please call our offices on 011 667 6243

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