Cochlear™ Sound Processor Guide

February 16, 2016

Choosing the right Cochlear™ for you


Using the stories of Blue Ear, the comic as inspiration, we know that our Southern ENT/Cochlear™  implant recipients have at their disposal some of the most advanced hearing loss technology at their fingertips. Blue Ear had the ability to develop and choose the nature of his implant; to turn him into the superhero he is. So do you! But your choices do not end there.

For some comic book superheroes the choice to remain anonymous is simple. They would prefer to live as normal a life without interruption until their powers are needed. For others, Iron Man, as an example wants the world to know who he is. As a Cochlear™ sound processor user, we at Southern ENT want to offer you a similar choice: Do you mind that the world sees your device or would you prefer to be a little more discrete?


A SuperHEARo guideline

Here is a guide to helping you decide on what Cochlear™ sound processor works best for your personality and suits your hearing loss



The first wireless sound processor in the range, the Baha 4 offers a more cost effective entry into the world of Cochlear™ with many of the benefits of the latest models, albeit at more of an entry level.  The Baha 4 uses PureSound® iQ allowing automatic adaption to the environment. Although larger than the Baha 5, the Baha 4 is a powerful sound processor that still provides users with conductive hearing loss with optimum sound quality and the option of making adjustments on the processor itself


Baha® 5

“Incredibly Small, unbelievably smart” is the tagline from the Reddot 1015 award winning Baha® 5 Cochlear™ sound processor. It is the world’s smallest bone conduction sound processor measuring only 27mm, so if you have a conductive hearing loss and discretion is what you are looking for then look no further. That being true, recipients of the Baha® 5 also benefit from the incredible array of Wireless Accessories to fully enhance your newfound SuperHEARo powers.  SmartSound iQ™ processing technology features a scan program which automatically detects in which listening environment the user is and adjusts noise levels and speech levels accordingly.  You move – it adapts!


Get the app! All SuperHEARoes are fully up to date with technology and the Baha® 5  iPhone app offers recipients full control of their processors. Simply pair devices and a world of sound is at your fingertips, without anyone being aware of you making adjustments to your sound processor.  Built-in Bluetooth enables the user to stream music, phone calls, and more directly between the iPhone and the Baha® 5 – no strings attached.“Personal Sound Engineer, on the low / low-key Personal Sound Engineer alter-ego; yes please.”


Nucleus® 5

The Cochlear Nucleus ®CP810 Sound Processor gives you or your child industry leading hearing performance in a stylish and sophisticated unit that’s brimming with functions. It is tough, adaptable and ergonomically designed to fit ears of all sizes, comfortably and discreetly.

The CP810 fits comfortably behind your ear – discreet and designed to fit all ear sizes. It has two microphones for better sound quality and direction, designed to capture sound from all around. This device adjusts to different hearing situations using SmartSound™ technology to enhance the sounds you or your child want to hear.


Nucleus® 6

Measuring in at 39.1 x 9 x 47.7mm Nucleus® 6 CP920 is tiny. The range also comes with 5 sound processor colour options, and 12 sound processor cover colour options to either blend with your hair colour or fashionably colour-block your sound processor… the choice is yours. This processor can also be used, within reason, in and underwater.  That is not to mention the array of wireless accessories that further enhance the recipient’s ability to stream sound directly to their brain.

SmartSound® iQ takes the Nucleus® 6 to the next SuperHEARo level by using dual microphone technologies and the SCAN program to adapt to the different environments you may encounter each day – noisy restaurants, being inside a car or bus, a park, the street… no problem. Even listening to music becomes less challenging! This is a superpower of auditory agility if we’ve ever seen one.


We at Southern ENT proudly make ourselves available to help you make the best decision for you, your type and degree of hearing loss and your personality. For any information please call us on 012 667 4832 

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