Dear Cochlear Implant / Baha Recipients

July 22, 2015

Do you ever watch a video on YouTube that just makes you smile?


We would like to share your happy moments with other cochlear implant and Baha users!  We have recently launched wireless accessories for Nucleus 6 and Baha 4 and the outcomes have been amazing!  We want others to be aware of what a difference an accessory can make to daily life, such as making a phone call from you cell phone and having it stream the call directly to your sound processor or listening to music directly streamed to your sound processor.

Try and steer clear from using words such as fear because this is what people then immediately do.  This is a competition and we can’t advertise this as “trying to raise awareness” because we’re inherently trying to sell more products.  Please share your Cochlear Wireless Wow Moment  with us and the digital-world in the hope of inspiring others  and stand a chance to win another wireless accessory of your choice!!


“But what is going to be done with my Video?”

- As mentioned above, in sharing videos of Cochlear Implant Activations we hope to lessen the fear of the unknown.

- Your video will be shared on our Social Media Platforms – if you are comfortable including a short Bio then that is even better – people may have seen an activation before, but was it of someone whose context the could relate to. Your social media account can be tagged each time should you wish to stay aware of your video’s use. We want the individual who has just graduated from high school to see someone entering university getting switched on. We want the 40 year old who switched on – to show people that it is never too late! We are calling on you to help build a sense of bravery, unity and joy within our Community.

- Your video will directly form part of the support in the RSA Cochlear Implant Community and the Worldwide Cochlear Implant Community. 

How Can this Be Achieved?

- Ask your friend / family to video record your Switch On with their smartphone.

- Forward your video via email to Nicolette.V@southernear.com & we will, if necessary, edit it to be as silky smooth as possible.

- If you wish to share it from one of your personal accounts such as Instagram / Vine then that is perfect too! Please just tag Southern ENT in so that we can help share the joy!


We are asking for your support, please contact us & let us know what you think. If there is anyway in which Southern ENT may pursue this awareness campaign with greater compassion and sensitivity – please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your bravery in the pursuit of helping others overcome the unknown.

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