Defining a SuperHEARo

February 16, 2016

Appreciating the Heroic


Superhero vs. SuperHEARo: what is the difference?  To us at Southern ENT & Cochlear ™ there is none, allow us to explain why.


Let us first start by asking, what is a superhero?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary Online, a superhero is:

- A character who possesses a special strength/power and uses it to do good and help other people.

- Someone who has done something very brave to help someone else


Of course this is pretty obvious, as we all know the stories of Superman or Spiderman; so let us go a little deeper and ask possibly the most famous superhero creator of all time, Mr. Stan Lee. (Creator of Iron Man, Spiderman & Hulk… and more)

According to Stan Lee in an essay entitled, “More than normal, but believable” he explains that a superhero is a person who does heroic deeds and has the ability to do them in a way that a normal person couldn’t.

Sounds about right when compared to our Cochlear™ recipients doesn’t it? Although they are initially troubled with hearing loss they soon acquire a unique ability that others do not possess.

They have taken a brave and heroic step toward hearing in a way that not many people do;. We know the journey is long and tumultuous but that it is worth it. Cochlear™ & Southern ENT believe whole heartedly that they are heroes & heroines for braving the journey with diligence & perseverance; for one must remember that CI recipients have to learn how to distinguish  sound from noise, how to interpret & contextualize sounds so that they become meaningful. Even listening to music, initially, takes effort! But we all know that superheroes don’t give up.


The comparison doesn’t end there

For most superhero’s, the realization of their super power creates in them a void separating them from society. They feel different and they remove themselves. Often they are feared by the community until they save the day after which they are celebrated, as heroes. All superheroes undergo this challenge to gain acceptance, not only within themselves but as part of the greater community.

For many recipients, both children and adults, this separation is thrust upon them as they lose their hearing, they are being excluded from the experience of sound and the people around them Then the decision to opt for an implant is made full in the knowledge that their device may be visible to others, which will provoke hearing loss awareness within their community. The CI and Baha® recipients bravely go forward understanding the greater good, both for themselves and for their community.

The transformation is complete once the community around them understands that Southern ENT & Cochlear™ recipients are not only perfectly capable individuals but that they perhaps have at their fingertips access to some of the most incredible hearing technology on the planet. This not only makes them super heroes but SuperHEARoes.


Southern ENT would like to acknowledge all the people who are part of the process; from parents, audiologists, speech therapists, surgeons, teachers & friends. For us; a SuperHEARo is someone who acknowledges, appreciates & respects the value of hearing.


If you are going through the tough internal debate as to whether to undergo the surgery for a CI or Baha ®implant or have already come out the other side, we at Southern ENT & Cochlear ™ want you to know that we’re ready to be your ultimate side-kick.

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