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Don’t compromise your hearing

March 6, 2015


With Formula One season fast approaching it’s a good time to spare a thought for your ears

The 66th season of the Formula One World Championship kicks-off on 15 March 2015 in Australia and ends on 29 November in Abhu Dhabi. Formula One enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the new season which promises nail biting action and some new season changes.


Protect your ears

Frequent or prolonged exposure to loud noises is one of the most common causes of hearing loss, despite the fact that this type of hearing loss is completely preventable. If you expect to be exposed to loud noises in any environment, make sure that you wear hearing protection to prevent hearing loss.


The roar of Formula One

Last year’s season saw the introduction of new hybrid turbo F1 engines which caused a stir amongst grand prix fans the world over. Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton joined the Formula One’s noise debate, roaring ‘pump up the volume’. This came after fans complained that the mute eco V6 engines are wrecking the spectacle. Hearing specialists will disagree, as one of the loudest sports you’ll ever encounter, Formula One fans run the risk of hearing damage if they don’t use proper ear protection. Many are saying that the ‘quieter’ engines in fact make the sport more accessible to families who previously avoided deafening track events.


2015 Season at a glance

Twenty-two drivers representing 11 teams will compete for the World Drivers’ and World Constructors’ Championships. Lewis Hamilton is the defending Drivers’ Champion after securing his second title at the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Mercedes will begin the season as the defending Constructors’ Champion, having secured its first championship title at the 2014 Russian Grand Prix. Click here for the season calendar


International Ear Care Dayon 3 March

Under the theme “Make Listening Safe”, the World Health Organization (WHO) draws attention to the rising problem of recreational noise-induced hearing loss. Millions of teenagers and young adults are at risk of developing hearing loss due to the unsafe use of personal audio devices such as smartphones and MP3 players and exposure to damaging levels of sound at noisy entertainment venues including nightclubs, discotheques, bars, pubs and sporting events. The emerging pattern of listening regularly at high volume and for a long duration poses a serious threat to one’s hearing. Hearing is a precious faculty, which impacts educational, professional and social development. This year’s theme encourages individuals, parents, teachers, physicians, managers, manufacturers and governments to “Make Listening Safe”.

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