Finding a Sanctuary amidst hearing loss

May 30, 2016

The Secret Hero Hideout


No SuperHEARo can stay in the spotlight forever, because being exposed is intense and hard work. No matter how much you’ve honed your skills or perfected the art of using your technology; a SuperHEARo’s role can be exhausting. The truth is, everyone needs a break at times and every hero needs a HQ-hideout. Batman does it; he has his cave & so should you!

Our favourite super heroes have impressive lairs. While we may be envious of their magnificently huge mansions, underground tunnels, or flying cars, opulence isn’t what we need.

The necessary component that all hideouts have in common is that they are enclaves far away from prying public eyes where no one gives second glances or asks awkward questions.


What is the ideal Hideout?

What all superHEARoes do need, is a place that is safe. A haven where the mask can come off, the show can be stopped and you can genuinely relax.

In the busy world in which we live and work, this doesn’t often happen naturally. We must intentionally create it for ourselves. Our mental and emotional well-being is worth the effort! Numerous studies have demonstrated how vital giving our brains some downtime is.

Allowing downtime actually allows us to become more productive in our work and helps us devise creative new ways to tackle challenges that are holding us back.

Positively managing a hearing impairment can be exhausting. Challenges arise, people who are not aware of the struggle can be unsympathetic, systems can be exclusive, therapies can cause both mental & physical fatigue and the feeling of being different can be isolating,  emotionally draining and difficult.

It is important to identify your limits and communicate them to your support network. Tell others when it is getting too much for you, and if necessary allow them to help you in facilitating down time.

Just like James Bond allows Q to build gadgets perfectly suited to his needs, your audiologist and we at Southern ENT want to make sure you have the best kit and the super support that you need.. Relaxing is an essential part of being at your best.

What helps you unwind, how do you maximize your downtime? Do you have a hideout? You don’t have to tell us where, but do tell us what makes it special! Share your secrets on how you enjoy your downtime

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