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September 2, 2016

Developed Hearing Loss

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Suffering is something everyone would like to avoid but still it remains an inevitable component of our Lives. When hearing loss strikes it can be a powerful blow and it can cause severe stress and anxiety. Being Brave and Positive Thinking is called upon.

Whether you are personally affected or someone you love is, the loss of sound can be a tsunami in your personal and professional life, leaving you awash with new hurdles and emotions that must be tackled head-on.

There is support available. There are communities who pool resources, offer support, create platforms for education and innovation. There are passionate individuals, groups and organisations striving to integrate innovations into society to make the world a better place for all people, including those with disabilities. There are personal blogs which offer 1st hand experience insight into living, making progress and thriving despite hearing loss.

Remember, even though Hearing Loss can be Life changing, something that you have to live with, it is not the sole definition of your identity. You are more than Hearing Loss.


“I’ve just been diagnosed with Hearing Loss”

In the beginning, after a diagnosis of Hearing Loss the predominant emotions are usually ‘negative’ and one may experience high levels of anxiety, fear, regret, anger and sadness. Learning to accept the things that we can not change and to actively practice compassion to oneself & to others will require intense amounts of honesty and sincerity.


The Challenge

Environments are often not geared toward being inclusive and may even feel aimed at exclusion! Your relationships might take extra strain or be negatively affected by difficulties in communicating. In the course of a single day you may encounter danger, rudeness, or a lack of empathy as a result of the Hearing Impairment.

& yet, you ‘must’ still remain optimistic… the end goal is to find a freedom in your power of choice in emotional maturity and how you construct your perspective.


Recognising Intense Emotions for what they are

After the initial shock and incredulousness has worn off you may experience an array of powerful emotions. It is worthwhile to invest time and energy into learning how to manage anger and other powerful emotions in a productive and healthy way. Psychologists recommend that you acknowledge emotions and channel them in a way that is beneficial to you.

There will always be something to get angry or emotional about but it is what you choose to do with your emotions that can unlock the freedom in your power. Some acquire techniques to use their emotions in constructive ways such that they become a transformative fuel for positive change.


What does dealing with your emotions in a positive manner look like?

Intense ‘negative’ emotions should never be discounted or ignored, rather it ought to be viewed as a tool to bring awareness to areas or issues in our lives which might be  in need of attention,  requires a change or for our outlook to be re- directed.

This can take many forms but could include speaking out honestly about your experience; it can be a valuable way to integrate Hearing Loss into your Life-narrative. Remember that words are powerful, so be mindful of how you construct your identity, internally narrate your experiences and outwardly express yourself.

Sharing your experience and actively listening to the experiences of others builds a sense of community and feeling connected to others aids in maintaining or regaining a healthy sense of acceptance and well-being.


Your Narrative is still being written

As your story develops, the elements of what hearing loss has brought into your life may come more into focus. Undoubtedly there will be some negative aspects to acknowledge. However, aided by time, perspective, community support and personal acceptance, your disability will grow beyond just the difficulties of Hearing Loss.

Discover Freedom in your power of choice above emotions without denying their temporal-presence.

Meeting new people, encountering technology that has helped restore the ability to hear, reaching new depths of understanding in friendships and relationships, and experiencing your own sense of compassion and empathy are all examples of Life-affirming attributes that can be found within the hearing loss journey.


Truth Bomb! The Journey never really ends.

Coming to terms with hearing loss and its role in shaping your experiences of life takes time. It is not decided once and therefore settled forever. Upon entering new stages of life such as independence, coupling or parenting, it is a theme and identity that will be added to, revisited and redefined as you mature.

Finding happiness even without having natural perfect hearing is the key to unlocking the freedom of your power. Coming to terms with how disability changes one’s life takes time so be kind to yourself.


The Role of Southern ENT

We understand that hearing loss can be earth-shattering. It doesn’t however have to be the end of life as you knew it. We have the experience, expertise, contacts & the best hearing technology in the world to help you live your life to the fullest.

For any information or advice, please call our offices on 011 667 6243

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