Living With Hearing Loss

June 18, 2015

Hearing loss can occur in a number of ways and contexts – one may be born deaf or experience sound for some time until an  accident, illness or ototoxic medicine resulting in hearing loss. For the purposes of the following article we shall focus on the latter case.


The development of hearing loss within one’s lifetime may occur suddenly and drastically – which can be a most traumatic experience. It is also possible to gradually lose one’s ability to hear, where denial of the condition can eventually no longer be sustained. If one has experienced sound and comes to lose their ability to hear, it is understandable to grieve for the lost sense. There are a myriad of emotions to wade through and manage [http://www.hearinglink.org/emotions] – after all, everyone has a unique context and character.

(yes it is a limitation because without the device to help you hear, whatever it may be, you will not be able to hear. Just like a paraplegic without a wheelchair. Fanie du Toit is working VERY hard at getting hearing loss recognized as a disability.)

One thing we want to make clear is that you do not need to fear hearing loss. Find what works for you! It is a process, not to be rushed by anyone, take the time that you need  – feeling anger is not immoral –what is important is how we express ourselves – try different perspectives,approaches and philosophies. Keep in mind that procrastination and obsession are often associated with the fear of the unknown – for when we solve the problem that we feels defines us – who will we be, what will Life be like?

Accepting one’s hearing loss requires adaptability and resilience – however, no matter how tough it is we do not want anyone to resign themselves to hopelessness. Be active, conduct your own research and pursue a 2nd,professional’s opinion – as many as you need to come to know and understand your situation.  We wish to save individuals time to make a decision regarding the best route for their hearing loss in the most informative, supportive and time effective way. We want to help build a community of Cochlear Implant Users such that individuals who experience hearing loss can have access to narratives of bravery and inspiration.

We want to share the joy that comes from the Cochlear Activation Sessions, the information that allows individuals to see that people both young and old have taken positive strides with their cochlear implants.And we want to share the inspiring stories of how the clarity and freedom gained through the technology, has transformed people’s perspectives – allowing them to consider new possibilities and create incredible opportunities that they did not imagine before. Among Cochlear Implant clients we have musicians,dancers, artists, public speakers, swimming teachers, tour guides, lawyers,corporate entrepreneurs – you name it – their passion is pursued and enjoyed as either their profession or hobby that nourishes their sense of well-being.

Living with hearing loss does not have to define one, it is merely an aspect of a self that contains numerous if not infinite features. Contact Southern ENT and find out more about cochlear implants and the journey to Hear Now and Always.

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