For The Love of Music

August 28, 2014

Music is  a universal language

It doesn’t matter what type of music you enjoy, music touches each of us in a unique way. Its rhythm is offered to us, we can become one with it as a silent listener, or as a dancer. Do you remember when Madiba did his now famous shuffle? Without the sound of our favourite tune to lift our heart, where would we be? Music reminds of the romantic notion that we are not alone – there is something transient, magical, yet it is with us in harmony.


“If music be the food of love, play on!” Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
Music can create a mood and make you feel emotion. It is universal and transcends the boundaries of geography, time and space. Think back to the first big concert you went to. How you felt the energy of the crowd in awe of the performance. The music created a connection between every person in the audience even though it might have created different emotions in each person.


Music can connect all those who listen – we are connecting to the same source – the song! A song written long ago can bring you solace – it expresses the emotion that you are feeling but are battling to convey to someone else – and it conveys that both the Music and the Artist can relate to what seemed your isolating emotional state.



Music and Emotion

The study of music and emotion looks at the psychological relationship between human affect and music. As a branch of music psychology, it has numerous areas of study, including:


  • How people react emotionally to music,
  • How the emotions felt may be determined by the characteristics of the listener,
  • Which components of a musical composition or performance may elicit certain reactions.


The field draws upon and has significant implications for such areas as philosophy, musicology, and aesthetics, as well the acts of musical composition and performance.[1]


Imagine a world without the benefits of music

Being able to listen to music is priceless. Music is a great stress reliever and can hold or even lift the heaviest heart.


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_and_emotion


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