Meeting Your Match and Losing the battle

May 30, 2016

Winning The War

The Struggle Makes You Stronger written on desert road

The feeling is a distinct one, not of failure but rather a definitive sense that you have had to withdraw because you have met your match. Sometimes a SuperHero doesn’t save the day, but battles intensely only to find that it is a draw. Sometimes a SuperHero meets a new challenge that completely flummoxes them, they need to regroup & re-strategize as to how they are going to overcome this adversity. When this happens it can be challenging to reconcile things not going as planned, and an internal dispute can ensue between a positive outlook and walking away feeling defeated.

You might be done for the day, but don’t give up the future, it is one battle, & the war will be won another day!

Struggling after a crisis is normal!  No matter how much pre-planning, pre-thought, and prep work goes into trying to ensure outings, events and daily requirements go smoothly – things inevitably just go to Murphy’s Law sometimes.


Picking yourself back up

Stuff breaks, power failures impedes device charging, components get lost or misplaced, you forget to pack extra batteries and the list goes on … there are a multitude of issues that can arise and surprises that can happen.

You might not be able to choose which disasters occur but you can choose how you respond to it.

- Don’t get stuck in the blame game, including self-blame! It’s pointless and sucks the energy you have left
- Do realize that it is the story of all heroes to vanquish one ‘gremlin’ only to have to face another!

Don’t let anxiety get the best of you and don’t sink into discouragement. Be prepared.



Creating good habits

Habits are powerful and with time, can help avoid a crisis. Create a backup plan to put into action for when the unexpected threatens to ruin your day. This could include things like making sure to carry a spare set of batteries, having a designated backup to call who knows how to communicate well with you, keeping a set of spares should you find yourself losing parts or chargers or even keeping important phone numbers in two places etc …

Keep a level head when things go wrong. Don’t be afraid or shy to communicate the situation, people are often willing to help, able to empathize and will try to problem- solve the unexpected. It is a common occurence  for things to go awry and sharing the struggle can give others the ability to lend a helping hand, or at least a sympathetic ear.

Remember that you are not alone. You have a web of support behind you. Your family, friends, and your audiologist, are important strands of that web.  Southern ENT is also there to provide you with service and support when you need it.

Keep in mind that having a draw is not a defeat. Losing a fight is not losing the war. It is an opportunity to re-evaluate past situations and come up with new strategies on how to tackle it in future.

Please share your stories with us about difficult situations you’ve faced, and how you’ve managed to conquer it. We hope to create a supportive community in RSA & look forward to your contributions to the community …

For a lifetime of sidekick support you can rely on, consider a future with Southern ENT. 

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