Nucleus 6 New wireless accessories now available

July 22, 2015

Journey with true wireless freedom

Southern ENT is very pleased to announce the launch of the cochlear implant industry’s first true wireless accessories for Nucleus 6 They deliver clear sound without the need for bulky neck-worn components used by other systems. Now you can hear more and engage in any number of hearing situations whether you are talking on the phone, enjoying an evening out or enjoying your favourite TV show.

What’s on offer

The range of wireless accessories includes:


·        Mini Microphone – gives you the freedom to hear clearly no matter where you are. From the classroom to one-on-one conversations, use the portable wireless clip-on microphone to transmit clear speech and sound directly to your sound processor.

·        Phone Clip – this Bluetooth-enabled wireless device gives you control over your Smartphone so you can make and receive calls and adjust volume at the touch of a button.

·        TV Streamer – with crisp,clear stereo sound streamed directly from your TV to your sound processor, youget a balanced experience as you’re still switched on to what’s going on aroundyou.

 How they work?

Using the same 2.4 GHz technology as commonly used Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi devices,  the accessories are easily paired, turned on and off and automatically reconnect if the connection drops.  There is also the option to have wireless control with these remote control systems:

·        Cochlear™ Baha®Remote Control – makes it easy to discreetly adjust the settings on your sound processor, such as changing volume and switching programs. The large buttons are especially easy to use if you struggle with dexterity, and the clear and simple display means it’s easy to get a quick overview of your settings. It is also great for parents who want to ensure their children are maximising their sound processor’s performance.

·        Nucleus® 6 System has been designed to automatically adjust to your environment.  While the wireless hand-held CR230 Remote Assistant puts you in charge, whether you just want to check the status of the battery or if you would like solve simple issues without having to return to the clinic.


Change your life today!

We at Southern ENT are excited to see the enjoyment of these wireless options, offering more freedom for your journey. To see video’s that feature these wireless accessories – click here.

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