Only if you grew up in South Africa

September 15, 2015

You know you are South African when …


With so much negativity doing the rounds in South Africa at the moment, we at Southern ENT thought we’d put a spring in your step and remind you all of the wonders of South Africa. This is not a paper over the cracks rah rah article but rather a reminder to take notice of those sounds you’ll always associate with South Africa… it is not dissimilar to hearing Toto’s – Africa and feeling homesick regardless of where you are in the world or how long you have been away, there is just something about those words that drive home where home is. This makes you African, and more accurately South African.

You know you are a South African when..

- You get all choked up when you hear Francois Pienaar accept the Rugby World Cup from Madiba in 1995. “We didn’t have 60 000 South Africans, we had 43 Million South Africans”


- There is nothing that competes with African thunderstorms – none of this drizzle soft rain, but in Africa we go for hard rain, clapping thunder & lighting. If you are not home, you certainly miss the thunderstorms.


- Where else in the world would a Hippo call make the list, who else in the world would even know what it is. The hippo call speaks of the bush, freedom and the wild on offer in South Africa.


- The Lion roar is not what it’s made to be in the movies, but us South Africans know this call in our bones & recognize it immediately. The lion all makes us proudly South African.

- This may be a call that escapes immediate identification, but Fiery neck nightjar is a call all South Africans know well, and regardless of where in the world we are, just this sound will transport us into the wild bushveld of home.

- In South Africa you hear Black backed jackal call anywhere and everywhere. From the bush to farmlands, from the Highveld to the lowveld. The Black Backed Jackal calls always penetrate the sounds of dusk


- Spotted Hyena calling makes you glad that you are wrapped up warm in bed. These nocturnal scavengers are the baseline for the nocturnal African chorus


- There is no sound more synonymous with Africa than the cry of the Fish Eagle – listen to this clip and tell us where you it transports you, we bet its to a wild place of natural beauty.


These are only eight sounds of Africa and their significance is only known to those of us blessed to call this place home. For most of us, Africa is in our blood, and it is through these sounds that we know for which land our hearts beat. These sounds bring the primal love of South Africa out in us and we hope it brought great pride hearing, remembering and rejoicing.

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