Passing on Powers

June 24, 2016

Keeping it real ; one SuperHEARo to Another


Isolation can be a powerful thing which can have negative consequences. Many people who have struggled with disability can remember times where they have been isolated as a result of circumstances surrounding their disability. Isolation can be a result of restricted access to services, locales, systems or information. It can also be due to times when there was difficulty in relating to others, finding a friend, or mustering the energy to get past the looming hurdles which seemed to block sight of a better future! If you have felt this way before; then you are endowed with the SuperHEARo power of being able to genuinely empathize with others who might currently struggling with it.

You have something special to lend to your fellow SuperHEARoes! Why not reach out, pass on the powers and build bridges so that others do not feel isolated or marooned on an island by themselves.


Celebrate your individuality while being aware of sharing common ground:

The sharing of successes can be an inspiration to those living with hearing impairment or loss. It can ripple past this and also encourage those who experience a different type of physical or mental disability. Let us not exclude those who thus far in their lives have not experienced any physical disability. There are many people who can benefit from hearing about our challenges and triumphs.

Sometimes the most important stories to tell are those in which we met our match and failed. This could be tied into our culture seemingly being prone to glazing over the challenging parts or over simplifying the personal journey into a motivational montage that does not include the quiet discipline & consistency within the mundane. It could also be influenced by the fact that we are sometimes painfully self-conscious of our failures or too shy to name the obstacles that seem the biggest from where we are at. At times, it may just be that the complications of living with hearing loss have confounded us and snuck off with our positivity and sense of humour.

Each individual’s path is a unique story but this does not mean that we cannot learn from recognizing the sameness and difference in each of them!

Woven into each story of struggle and self-discovery are many common threads which intersect in the experiences and stories of others. These strands cannot be found in silence. It takes speaking out to help connect us to each other.

This takes the honest sharing of our own experience of the world while dealing with hearing impairment. Place your gold medal moments of success in saving the day placed right up on the mantle alongside your disparaging setbacks.

Doing this with authenticity will paint a picture of wholeness. A scene which is powerful because it is real!

Southern ENT celebrates a holistic, balanced, realistic and authentic mode of sharing such that all lessons are included. It can be incredibly motivational when our SuperHero removes the pedestal & humanizes their journey, & teaches us that it is not because they were born Super but rather that they chose to live honourably in each decision along the way!

The truth is that none of us are born or naturally endowed to deal perfectly with all that comes with hearing loss. Rather, this is a process, one in which we grow and learn and have to pick ourselves up after falls, and ask to be supported. That is why it is of vital importance to not just “soldier on”, shouldering it all on your own. Share the load with those who care; your family, your loved ones, your audiologists, and your support team at Southern ENT! Choose to share and listen to others!

Truly Listening happens when we support each other, spread the love and pass on the powers!

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