Pushing Boundaries with Cochlear™ Tech

May 30, 2016

Braving the Unknown

Low Poly Superhero

Every true Hero knows that playing it safe does not save the day. To get the most from your SuperHEARo abilities, you need to know not only how to shoot webs, but master the art of it completely. As a SuperHEARo there comes a time when you have to take the leap, climb the tower, and dive out past the breakers into the unknown.

Pushing boundaries is experimenting with what is available and not just being content with what you use already or what feels safe and comfortable. This could mean putting yourself in diverse environments to try different settings on your device or perhaps giving new accessories for your device a go, such as the Aqua+ device which makes your device waterproof.

It’s such a pity that many people with assistive technology never push it to perform at its peak. By staying in a comfort zone, they lose the ability to benefit from all it was designed to do.


Pushing Hearing Loss Boundaries

Even though it might feel scary, to tread into the unknown, really pushing the boundaries is the only way to know the capabilities and limitations of your technology. Experiment with using different programs for daily listening situations instead of keeping it on ‘auto pilot’ because you’re familiar with it. If that makes you feel a little shaky or nervous, that is okay, ask for expert help. Tell your team that you are ready to try something new. Let your audiologist assist you to get the maximum from your device by teaching you about various fitting options, and explore the accessories on offer. Invite friends or family along so you have additional support for making decisions.

Share your journey!  Speaking out and connecting can be very valuable not only for personal growth but also to inspire others.

Refuse to allow technology to intimidate you. Get ready to go out of your comfort zone. Become a frequent traveller into the unknown. Fine-tune your super powers by making the technology work for you. Stretch your horizon to grow, discover new possibilities and don’t just use your technology, master it.

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