Sidekicks in the Struggle against Hearing Loss

April 14, 2016

Every Super Hero has a sidekick! A dependable sidekick is an integral part of any hero’s success!


We might not see them in every scene, or know their names by memory but every hero has a trusty sidekick watching their back. Whether their sidekick arrives in a flashy display to help save the day or rather stays out of sight, quietly playing a more supportive role, the importance of our sidekicks should not be underestimated nor underappreciated.


Sidekicks Who Care

An active and engaged support system ensures that an individual avoids being isolated as a result of their hearing loss. A very visible example of this is seen in permanent ink on Alistair Campbell. This New Zealand dad took what some might call an extreme measure to show his superHEARo sidekick support for his young superHEARo daughter’s cochlear implant by getting a tattoo of a cochlear implant on his own head. While we might not expect our best sidekicks to literally tattoo their gestures of support, our hearts are warmed by his!


Sidekicks Who Advocate

Providing sidekick assistance in a more traditional way are the advocates working to educate and ensure access to services for those who experience hearing loss or impairment. Raising awareness of the challenges surrounding hearing loss and impairment will help reduce stigma, bullying and other forms of discrimination as well as increase interventions which can positively change lives.


Sidekick Support Teams

We at Southern ENT know firsthand from our years of experience how vital a professional, skilled, and caring super team backing you is! That is why we provide this from the beginning! Starting with your search for information and the complex decision process you face regarding the best solution for your own or a loved-one’s hearing loss or impairment.

When you choose what is best for you, we will support you through the many elements which are needed to get you on your way to improved hearing. We will be by your side to find solutions when challenges arise. When new technology hits the market we’ll make sure you have access to it. You can count on us!


For every challenge you face in mastering the tech created to serve you:

You want to be sure that the tech team providing you service is committed to advancing the field and supporting you as an individual with specific and tailored needs.

At Southern ENT, what you need matters! We specialize in customized care, delivering the best technical solutions to your door and providing first class support that is always there when you need it.


Sidekicks of the Future: A cochlear implant doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey.

The technology of cochlear implants is made to last over 120 years. We can be trusted to go the whole way with you. We work to be your trustworthy partners committed to fine tuning your results and helping you achieve the success you dream about.

For a lifetime of sidekick support you can rely on, consider a future with Southern ENT. 011 667 6243

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