Sound fading to nothing

March 4, 2015

Michelle Sparks’ journey of unexpected hearing loss


What began with a concerned colleague’s suggestion to get her hearing checked was the start of a challenging journey. Now, with the help of Southern ENT and leading hearing experts, Michelle is able to hear better than ever before and better than the average person around her!


Where it all began

Michelle was diagnosed with a viral infection and was found to be completely deaf in her left ear.  With the hearing in the right ear still intact, Michelle was fitted with a hearing aid and went on with daily life. As the years passed, her hearing aid was replaced every 2-3 years to keep up with technology. With each replacement, the capabilities of the device had to be increased to compensate for  her increasing hearing loss.


Drastic changes

At her daughter’s wedding in 2013 Michelle suddenly found that she was struggling to hear the speeches. She sought medical treatment for what seemed to be further hearing loss, now affecting both ears.  Her doctor gave her cortisone and antibiotics as treatment. After a trip to the US, Michelle suddenly became completely deaf, she wasn’t even able to hear her own voice!


Eat pray love

In a desperate attempt to get control of her body and her life, she decided to stop the unsuccessful medical treatment and take a trip to an Ashram in India to find herself. There, something clicked. She went to see a homeopath who diagnosed her with liver and thyroid problems – the solution was a major detox program and radical lifestyle change.

On her return to South Africa, she again turned to medical professionals for answers. A local homeopath said she had a very destructive virus that was literally eating her body’s cochlea – the treatment was a weekly hydrogen peroxide drip for 10 weeks. This was followed by a doctor diagnosing an autoimmune disease – his solution was chemotherapy-like treatment which Michelle declined. There had to be another way.


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