Southern ENT 2017 Theme Overview

February 21, 2017

Southern ENT: First on the Scene


Seventeen years ago, in 2000, Southern ENT entered the hearing implant industry with enthusiasm to assist those with hearing disabilities. We are proud to be the leader and the very first company to bring cochlear implants to Africa.

Our importing- and distributing of Cochlear™ implant solutions has opened the door for individuals across Southern Africa to have access to the best, ever-advancing, technology developed by a company with a proven commitment to innovation.

Southern ENT’s contribution to make first class Nucleus®, and Baha® technology available has enabled hearing for many and continues to do so.


Introducing Our Theme

Southern ENT’s theme for 2017 is “One Team. One Goal. Together!

We understand that success is a group effort. You do not have to do this alone! Take a look at the story of how little Cinga received life-changing sound – an inspiring testimony of the importance of teamwork.


One Goal

The Southern ENT Team is united behind a single objective, Sound First.

Our number one goal is to enable those affected by hearing disabilities to be able to hear again and to support them along their journey – With that as our aim we do not have a one size fits all approach, instead we provide care tailored to unique individuals.


One Team

Southern ENT is a not a large impersonal corporation. We are a group of passionate professionals that understand how life changing the right technology can be.

Our team is strong because we have been building relationships over years. Our network includes groups across RSA. These include the Carel du Toit Centres leaders in the field of education, legal advocates such as Fanie du Toit, The Hear For Life Trust that assist access for those with financial disadvantages, advocate organizations such as Gears for Ears, and many more.

Our alliances ensure that you never have to battle with different parties in order to get comprehensive care and advocacy. We work together with you, your family, and medical professionals to provide quality service and support. We believe that continuity of care is a vital factor in enabling success. That is why we work as one team in serving you.

All Together our team includes:

- Implant Recipients

- Families

- Educators

- General Audiologists

- Cochlear Implant Teams

- ENT Surgeons

- Speech- and Language pathologists

- Southern ENT Staff

- Our Parent Company: Cochlear™


There is no need to feel overwhelmed at the thought of putting a team together to serve you or your family. We have one assembled already that is ready to go. Allow us to put you in touch with the professionals you need.  We put your hearing health 1st.


One Community

There is power in numbers! Thirty five years of providing Cochlear™ implants to hundreds of thousands of individuals in over 100 countries has organically grown a substantial global support group. Those whose lives are changed by implant technology often find that communicating with others who have shared a similar experience can nurture an unparalleled and empowering sense of community.

Southern ENT highly values the positive benefits that individuals and their families can receive through engaging with The Cochlear Community. We actively encourage participation and purposefully record stories to encourage and inspire. We also promote further education on hearing disability, advocate for hearing screenings tests, and support legislation targeting inclusion.

Southern ENT is committed to further building and strengthening the community. To see more of our work educating and raising awareness visit our online blog.


One Passion

The crux of our work here at Southern ENT is highlighted simply and clearly in our mission statement. Our mission is to enable people with hearing disabilities to hear so they may realise their full potential.

Our promise to you is that as we seek to restore your hearing we will continually strive to provide the highest quality of care and support to individuals with hearing loss and their families along with professionals in the field.

Choosing Southern ENT is a decision to:

- Benefit from our experience.

- Discover new possibilities as our researchers continue to push the envelope of what is possible in the realm of technology.

- Experience your very own exciting ‘future of firsts’ in the world of sound.

For any information or advice, please call our offices on 011 667 6243

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