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December 14, 2015

2016 is the year of the Hero, nay,  the Super-Hear-O



When the world needs a hero who do they turn to? Well, in actual fact the globe is in a very fortunate position right now, when we need to turn to a hero, we have many and from all walks of life from mothers & fathers to everyday people making a difference.  Added to this list some of the more idolized heroes; sportsmen & women, celebrities and philanthropists who are raising global awareness for causes close to their hearts. These people are heroes and should be celebrated as such, but where are the HEARO’s … look no further than Brett Lee. @BrettLee_58


2016 sees Southern ENT launch their Super HEARO campaign in conjunction with Cochlear & Baha implants to raise the profile of hearing loss, establish a more transparent treatment cycle and help to raise funds for those less fortunate; with the help of some very special Super HEARO’s .


Take Gears4Ears as the perfect example of what good will & enthusiastic compassion can achieve, or the parents who stay optimistic & resilient through the process (Jordaan’s Parents), the time put in by skilled surgeons, the patience and compassion of speech therapists and the bravery of the individual (Gaynor Young). & many more!!!

Being that we are directly in the middle of cricket season in South Africa it makes for the perfect opportunity to introduce Brett Lee, former Australian cricket great and cricket commentator as the official Cochlear Global Hearing Ambassador.

Brett Lee was one of the worlds fastest and most feared bowlers and he is using his HEARO profile to raise awareness about hearing loss.

Southern ENT fact: Did you know that it is estimated that 360 million people worldwide suffer from disabling hearing loss?


Brett Lee has been exposed to families making the transition from hearing loss to sound and being moved by witnessing a first time “switch-on” Brett was quick to accept the role as ambassador spearheading a project called “Sounds of Cricket”.

Brett said, “Hearing loss is a huge global public health issue. I can’t imagine cricket without sound – on the field not hearing the appeals and the crowd, off the field not hearing teammates, or at home not hearing family. I can’t imagine it”


The Southern ENT Solution

Partnering with Cochlear and Brett Lee, Southern ENT will help make it known that solutions to hearing loss are both technologically advanced but fantastically successful. Our goal is to create life changing moments for those believing they would suffer through hearing loss and offer them opportunities to become super HEARO’s just as Brett Lee has become.

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