Super HEARoes In Action: Bringing Sound Back To Life

April 14, 2016

Heroic work deserves to be in the spotlight

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In response to a listener struggling to cover the costs of a Cochlear Implant, radio station Highveld 94.7 and later KFM became a SuperHEARoes in 2005 by starting the 94.7 Hear For Life Trust.

This trust helps to bring the newest technology in cochlear implants to those who would benefit but are financially disadvantaged. Bidvest Corporation has partnered financially with the Hear For Life Trust contributing over 6 million Rand to this important work.  Since arriving on the scene they have heroically helped save sound for over 60 individuals. Each one with a unique story of how the best in cochlear implants brought sound back to life, changing their lives forever!

Experts estimate that at least 10% of South Africans experience significant hearing loss and the World Health Organization say that over 5% of the population experiences hearing loss to the extent that it is considered disabling. This impedes quality of life, interaction with others, language development, learning and literacy, and employment opportunities. Shockingly, only 2% of those affected seek treatment and on average it can take 7 years before they receive help. Statistics South Africa reported that in 2001 there were 412,412 profoundly Deaf people and 1,237,264 extremely hard of hearing people in South Africa.

These numbers are a beacon, calling us to action. The University of Pretoria has leapt into the fight to educate by developing an easy to use, clinically validated hearing test APP called HearZA. This test is available as a FREE APP and is breaking down financial barriers to hearing screening tests. Empower yourself, and those you love, by being part of the community effort to promote appreciation & protection of hearing ability. Discovering and treating hearing loss is a vital community effort to ensure that those suffering are not left isolated. Watch these celebrities test their hearing and show how simple HearZA app is to use.

Be a SuperHEARo to yourself and test your hearing today.


Don’t delay because just as in any mission to save the day, time counts in the struggle against hearing loss. Identifying profound hearing loss early-on creates treatment opportunities which can make a significant difference. This is especially vital in young children facing extreme challenges to auditory-, speech- and language development.

Yes, early detection and prevention is important. However, we want the older generation suffering from hearing loss to know that it is never too late to get a second lease on Life with the help of an implant system, whether it’s a Baha or cochlear implant.

With this in mind, the Hear For Life Trust arrived in time for Gamiem. Gamiem is a sweet, intelligent, “full of life” two year old who was born deaf. His only hope for hearing was through a cochlear implant provided by Southern ENT and Cochlear™. Unfortunately, this treatment option was out of reach financially for his family.

The Hear For Life Trust learned of this, saw opportunity, and came to the rescue generously providing the required funds. Hear Gamiem’s Father being told the good news and his emotional reaction upon learning that his son will have access to some of the best hearing technology in the world. Listen on as KFM continues with an update on the exciting morning of his cochlear implant surgery.

To see and read this amazing story watch here.

Thanks to real life Super HEARoes,   Prof James Loock, Mrs Jennifer Perold (Audiologist at Tygerberg Cochlear Implant Program), Bidvest, KFM and the Hear For Life Trust; Gamiem now has the super power of life-changing sound!

Be a HEARo! Raise awareness in your community about the importance of screening and treatment for hearing loss. Encourage your loved ones to get tested and get tested yourself!  Don’t let finances be a roadblock to seeking help if you or your loved ones could benefit from the sound saving technology of Southern ENT’s cochlear implants.

If you or the applicant you know is historically or financially disadvantaged, Find the Hear For Life Trust’s criteria for assistance and apply online.

There is no need to surrender to silence, nor need to go into isolation. Amazing sidekicks like The Hear For Life Trust, support groups, audiologists, family & friends offer their support to work with you to make combating hearing loss less scary for you and your loved ones!

For any information or advice, please call our offices on 011 667 6243

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