SuperHEARo Round-Up

December 22, 2016


A year is ending, allowing us the opportunity to take a moment to reflect on where we have been and where we are headed. Southern ENT recognizes the challenges of those with hearing loss in South Africa & is excited to celebrate the successes. Let’s look at the Southern ENT ~ SuperHEARo ~ Cochlear™ year in review.


Birth of the SuperHEARo: Sound at any Age

The Young

This year little three month old Neave Barrat became the youngest SuperHEARo baby in South Africa and one of the youngest in the world to receive a Cochlear implant.  Watch her story here. Neave’s mother credits Newborn Screening with the discovery of Neave’s hearing loss saying

“The Screening is the reason we were alerted to it, and that’s thanks to audiologists offering it to us and going from there. Absolutely, I would urge all parents to do the test, as early as possible because the earlier you intervene the better the prospects for your child.”

We would like to take our hats off to all the audiologists who conduct newborn screening at hospitals and private practices. Keep up the good work of continuously creating awareness about the importance of Newborn Hearing Screening Tests.


The Young at Heart

Not all SuperHEARo’s are young! In “It’s Never Too Late” we discussed grandparents who have enriched their lives through the use of Cochlear™ Implants. We also did a product focus on Cochlear™’s unique patented Hybrid Technology that may suit those who have high-frequency hearing loss but with some low frequency hearing still intact. There was also the release of the new Kanso™ which provides a subtle solution for those looking for a sleeker design and less cables to worry about

Southern ENT has aimed to showcase the benefits that Cochlear™ Nucleus® and Baha® technology may offer to those of any age.


Learning to be a SuperHEARo

When you or someone you love is diagnosed with severe or profound hearing loss it usually comes with an initial shock. That can be extreme. Extending self-love and patience to ourselves is a vital part of learning to be a SuperHEARo. Through educational resources, helpful professionals, and learning more about hearing loss, we can help ourselves and others understand the complexities of the condition better.


As Unique As You Are

Each individual’s story of Hearing Loss is unique and ought to be treated as such. Extending the grace to listen and be supportive to each other is an invaluable gift! We have the power to be present and ‘hear’ each other every day by engaging in relationship-building within our community!

Note: Because coming to terms with Hearing Loss is a process, we created some specific articles as resources. They are focused on facing challenges, developing potential, parenting for success, and building resilience. If you missed them, they are worth a look, and can be found here.


Real Life SuperHEARoes

Some pictures are worth a thousand words. That is why we worked diligently to paint a picture of the work of real-life SuperHEARoes both around the world and in South Africa (part 1 & part 2). Their enthusiasm, perseverance, and advocacy is not only an inspiration to others, but directly initiates positive progress.

We are so thankful to our extraordinary and Everyday Normal SuperHEARoes for the work that they do and the torch they carry for others who are just starting out on the SuperHEARo journey.


Keeping it Real

The path isn’t always perfectly paved. Sometimes it is pot-holed, mismarked, steep and winding. This is why it is important not to go it alone. Enter the cochlear/Baha® Community. As the industry leader, Cochlear™ is intensely aware of the importance of support. Not only in the beginning, or on activation day, but all along the way!

That’s why we encourage all of our Cochlear and Baha® implant users to reach out, touch base, and connect with others. Sharing stories builds confidence, helps yourself and others, and transfers tips and tricks for overcoming obstacles. Fight back against isolation by connecting with others.

We commend the SuperHEARoes reaching out and getting involved in the Hearing Disabled Communities. Your work is valuable!

SuperHEARO Bonus Resources: Simply select which processor you use here and see the personalized resources available from Cochlear™.


A Personal Message from Southern ENT staff:

The team at Southern ENT would like to commend all SuperHEARoes far and near, for the compassion and the courage they have showcased this year.

Where ever you are on your journey, we wish you and your loved ones , a  blessed holiday and successful new year!

For any information or advice, please call our offices on 011 667 6243

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