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May 30, 2016

Being brave is always worth it

Little superhero helping his mother

It is easy to imagine a world in which we always win. The sound effects accent key moments and the soundtrack cues up at just the right times. In ordinary life what happens is that we get out in front leading the charge, only to stumble. We might end up with wounded pride or worse but we shouldn’t forget to learn how to walk first before we can run

In the fight against overcoming hearing loss, it can be tempting to go straight into battle mode. Choose your battles. Take one step at a time. Be brave. When the going gets tough and you are feeling defeated, be like Frozen and let it go! Try again tomorrow.

Remember, it is about more than the small losses. They are the small lessons you have to learn along the way to make it to the finish line.


Everything takes time… & we are here every step of the way

Know in your mind and acknowledge in your heart that as much as you want a ‘quick fix’ and conquer all the new challenges associated with your condition; that every day won’t always be a triumph.  Persevere!

It is a healthier perspective to realize the journey will be rewarding at some times and disappointing at others, in fact, you can pretty much guarantee that it will run the whole gamut of emotions! Seize the full spectrum of advantages from the Cochlear™ True Wireless® Devices available like the Mini-mic, TV streamer and Phone Clip, to help you along the way.


Managing Expectations

Keep your expectations realistic and be clear about what your True Wireless® Devices can and can’t do. Be prepared to Push Boundaries to help create environments where success can happen.

- Let obstacles be learning opportunities,
- Turn your setbacks into educated restarts,
- Take pride in creating your own pathway to success.
- Lean on your support group, connect with your community.
- Share your challenges and successes and in turn hear and discover how others have met the unexpected and overcome.

 Even when you get knocked down, don’t give up!  Envision long-term success and be prepared to face your fears.

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