The SuperHEARo Gear

December 5, 2016

The Freedom to Choose a Subtle or Bold Style whilst being Active Being different can be difficult. Depending on your situation you may be at a place of easy acceptance regarding the visibility of your Cochlear or BAHA implant, you may still be feeling uncomfortable regarding how the world at large responds to your visible […]

WaterProof Tech for those with Hearingloss

November 6, 2015

Dive right in with Cochlear™ Nucleus® Aqua+ The Cochlear™ Nucleus® Aqua+ is a re-usable sealable sleeve that, when used with the Aqua+ coil, keeps your sound processor dry during use in or around water (e.g. when swimming, surfing, or just having fun splashing around). It has a built-in ear hook and is worn behind the […]