Southern ENT 2017 Theme Overview

February 21, 2017

Southern ENT: First on the Scene Seventeen years ago, in 2000, Southern ENT entered the hearing implant industry with enthusiasm to assist those with hearing disabilities. We are proud to be the leader and the very first company to bring cochlear implants to Africa. Our importing- and distributing of Cochlear™ implant solutions has opened the […]

The Kanso

January 24, 2017

Striding forward with Sleek Innovation In keeping with the innovation expected from implant industry leaders, Cochlear™, the exciting new Kanso is a sleek, discreet and easy to use sound processor. ‘Kanso’ is a Japanese word for “Simplicity” and it describes this ground-breaking off-the-ear (OTE) sound processor perfectly.  w Creativity to Meet a Need: Cochlear™ experts […]

The Unseen Reality

September 2, 2016

What is our perception of Disability? In our daily lives we rarely think to examine Life from the perspective of someone who is differently-abled. There might be a quick moment of pity for someone, followed by thankfulness or relief that we are ‘normal’ & then we move on. Have you ever forced yourself to imagine […]

A Community of Shared Diversity is Strong

September 2, 2016

A Community of Compassion Communities provide platforms for us to share our personal experience, allow us to be heard, keep us from slinking into isolation, and importantly help us remember that we are not alone. The Communities that support both able-bodied and differently-abled individuals remind us of what we have in common, that we share […]

The SuperHEARo Team & Hearing Loss

June 24, 2016

HEARoes HEARoes Everywhere! In the world of DC Comics; when the bat signal light gets switched on and is shining brightly over Gotham city, everyone looks up. They are intent on finding their hero on the way to the rescue. In their focus on Batman’s appearance; they may overlook the other Super Heroes amongst them, […]

Highlighting South African Heroes ; Part 1

June 24, 2016

Home Grown Heroes In the search for SuperHEARoes doing valuable work, we don’t have to go far.. The important work of advocates based here in South Africa is something to be proud of! Each of these individuals; is working in their own unique capacity and their stories and perseverance is inspiring! This is Part One […]

Highlighting South African Heroes ; Part 2

June 24, 2016

Local is Lekker Here in South Africa, we are very fortunate to have so many homegrown SuperHEARoes forging ahead and leading the way in the struggle for the HearingLoss Community to be recognized, valued, included and accepted. Their honesty and diligent work helps make the path a little bit easier for those to follow and […]

Passing on Powers

June 24, 2016

Keeping it real ; one SuperHEARo to Another Isolation can be a powerful thing which can have negative consequences. Many people who have struggled with disability can remember times where they have been isolated as a result of circumstances surrounding their disability. Isolation can be a result of restricted access to services, locales, systems or […]

SuperHEARoes in Training

May 30, 2016

Being brave is always worth it It is easy to imagine a world in which we always win. The sound effects accent key moments and the soundtrack cues up at just the right times. In ordinary life what happens is that we get out in front leading the charge, only to stumble. We might end […]