Southern ENT 2017 Theme Overview

February 21, 2017

Southern ENT: First on the Scene Seventeen years ago, in 2000, Southern ENT entered the hearing implant industry with enthusiasm to assist those with hearing disabilities. We are proud to be the leader and the very first company to bring cochlear implants to Africa. Our importing- and distributing of Cochlear™ implant solutions has opened the […]

1st Place for Cochlear™

February 21, 2017

Southern ENT’s 2017 theme is One Goal, One Team. Together! A History of First’s Cochlear™ (the Company) was the first company to invent Cochlear Implants over 30 years ago. They have continued to be the leading global Cochlear Implant Company. This status has been achieved through relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to scientific […]

The Kanso

January 24, 2017

Striding forward with Sleek Innovation In keeping with the innovation expected from implant industry leaders, Cochlear™, the exciting new Kanso is a sleek, discreet and easy to use sound processor. ‘Kanso’ is a Japanese word for “Simplicity” and it describes this ground-breaking off-the-ear (OTE) sound processor perfectly.  w Creativity to Meet a Need: Cochlear™ experts […]

SuperHEARo Round-Up

December 22, 2016

A year is ending, allowing us the opportunity to take a moment to reflect on where we have been and where we are headed. Southern ENT recognizes the challenges of those with hearing loss in South Africa & is excited to celebrate the successes. Let’s look at the Southern ENT ~ SuperHEARo ~ Cochlear™ year […]

Hearing Loss South Africa, Cochlear™ Technology & Southern ENT

September 2, 2016

Developed Hearing Loss Suffering is something everyone would like to avoid but still it remains an inevitable component of our Lives. When hearing loss strikes it can be a powerful blow and it can cause severe stress and anxiety. Being Brave and Positive Thinking is called upon. Whether you are personally affected or someone you […]

Passing on Powers

June 24, 2016

Keeping it real ; one SuperHEARo to Another Isolation can be a powerful thing which can have negative consequences. Many people who have struggled with disability can remember times where they have been isolated as a result of circumstances surrounding their disability. Isolation can be a result of restricted access to services, locales, systems or […]

Blue Ear

February 3, 2016

The birth of a SuperHEARo! It is not every day that a superhero is created, and yet, we are surrounded by SuperHEARos every day.  We just don’t realize it.  And so, Marvel Comics – the creators of Iron man, Thor and The Avengers, heard the plight of a small boy who wanted to be like […]

Michelle Sparkes’ Video Blog

December 11, 2014

We are the proud sole distributors of Cochlear™ Nucleus® and Baha® products in Southern Africa.