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December 5, 2016

The Freedom to Choose a Subtle or Bold Style whilst being Active


Being different can be difficult. Depending on your situation you may be at a place of easy acceptance regarding the visibility of your Cochlear or BAHA implant, you may still be feeling uncomfortable regarding how the world at large responds to your visible ‘difference’ or perhaps you just prefer a subtle style for yourself personally.

The key to confidence is acceptance. Once acceptance is acquired it can unlock the possibility of being proud of what makes you unique.


Don’t let myths about Assistive Hearing Tech limit your Choices

Sport and physical activity is an important part of health and well-being. Don’t allow myths to keep you from venturing out with exuberance. Technology has come a long way and there are solutions for cochlear- and Baha implants to ensure you maintain an active lifestyle.




If bicycle riding is your passion don’t be stopped by concerns over your implant. Most adult helmets will accommodate your device with ease. Children’s helmets can be trickier as helmet shape varies considerably by age group. For the smallest age groups, helmets are in a full coverage design but youth helmets are similar to adult helmets in shape. If your child’s Cochlear or Baha implant isn’t fitting well under a helmet you can experiment with moving around the soft removable pads inside the helmet as this may help with a comfortable fit.

If you have a Nucleus 5, a Lite Wear device-extension may help.

Although it may seem a quick fix, it is not advisable to remove any protective high density foam from a helmet as this may decrease its ability to keep your head safe.

If you experience uncomfortable noise when riding due to airflow, a South African company called Slip Streamz has created two accessories; The Spoiler and The Slip which aim to reduce irritating wind noise by redirecting airflow around your ears while cycling.




Don’t stay dry just because you have a cochlear implant. There are Special accessories from Cochlear that give you the freedom to make a splash. With the right device-extensions you can enjoy swimming, waterpolo, surfing, snorkeling, etc.

The use of an Aqua+ gives you the freedom to dive into fresh water or salt water with the confidence that your sound processor is safe even when submerged up to 3 metres for two hours. Even the new Kanso button sound processor has its own Aqua+.

Our South African SuperHEARoes article highlights the diligent work and exemplary athleticism of Julia Stander. She is a CI user who is a gold medal winning Underwater Hockey world champion!


Other Sports and Activities

Whether you want to get back onto the greens, out into the waves, or into the bush on Safari, be empowered by the possibilities that your technology offers you.

If you are unsure whether or not your device can handle the challenge, speak with your audiologists or the friendly support team at Southern ENT. The team that wants you to win!


Express Yourself

The diversity in personalities is what makes our world vibrant. If you are the type of person who prefers to not draw attention to your bionic status there are low-key and discreet options available. There are neutral colours should you wish to match your audio processor to your hair colour. Furthermore, the new Kanso device has been designed specifically to be discrete. It is an off-the-ear button sound processor which means that there are no cables and it is worn directly on your implant magnet, which means that nothing is weighing down on your ear.

You also have the choice for your sound  processor to be a style statement. Express yourself with a SkinIt. These design sleeves come in a multitude of colours, fun prints and graphics. It is also possible to decorate your sound processor with fun stickers.


Inspiration in Community

Out in your everyday world take to heart the fierce advice written by RSA SuperHEARo Bionic Tracy on her blog: “Hold your head high, wear your cochlear like a crown. Be who you are and the right people will love and respect you for you. Feel confident. Feel beautiful. Feel Unique.

Whether you want to make a fashion statement, compete physically, or just engage and enjoy any type of activity, Cochlear™ & Southern ENT offers a range of accessories to suit your needs.


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