The SuperHEARo Team & Hearing Loss

June 24, 2016

HEARoes HEARoes Everywhere!

Goal Target Success Aspiration Aim Conquering Concept

In the world of DC Comics; when the bat signal light gets switched on and is shining brightly over Gotham city, everyone looks up. They are intent on finding their hero on the way to the rescue. In their focus on Batman’s appearance; they may overlook the other Super Heroes amongst them, such as the police and townspeople who were working on the crisis already, even before Batman was summoned!


Beyond Batman, seeing more than the starring role!

In the world of SuperHEARoes the same phenomenon can occur. When a crisis hits we look up to our experts who can help save the day.

Yes, we need our experts but let’s not forget to give respect and credit to other SuperHEARoes & Sidekicks; the ones we do not have to summon because they are already there!

Those who are in the trenches daily, fighting to find solutions and overcome hearing loss and impairment in a variety of ways!

We do not need to minimize the roles of surgeons and skilled audiologists in order to extend the appreciation net over SuperHEARoes in other less visible or flashy roles. Further, if possible increase the size of your community by including more people than just a single “Batman”.

Let us recognize & value the team rather than just the goal scorer.


Unsung SuperHEARoes:

There are many unsung heroes among us that never make the news.

They may not have started a foundation but have still raised funds. They may not have an online presence in a website or a blog but still speak up. They may not get interviewed but are still advocating for inclusion and access. Even though their identities may be known only by those closest to them, we can still celebrate their efforts and the important role they play in making our community strong.


Family & Friends:

Parents, siblings, and other relatives can be vital support networks by providing steady and loving encouragement as well as backup when the fight gets the better of us.

No one can walk your path but you, but being blessed with SuperHEARo relatives by your side can make a huge impact and help you keep it positive!

Friends can play an equally important role swooping in to save the day; by just being there. Regardless of whether or not they have faced hearing loss or have a cochlear implant / Baha device themselves; by hearing our story, they help us maintain a healthy well-being. When friends value us just for being ourselves they can restore our sense of dignity when it wavers. Their gift of being along for the journey can make the ‘downs’ not feel so deep and the ‘ups’ are more likely to be celebrated together!


Teachers, Speech Therapists & Mentors:

No one is born knowing how to cope with disability; instead each of us has to learn how to do this. The role of SuperHEARo teachers, speech therapists and mentors is to serve as guiding lights to help us navigate; as the process is full of steep learning curves. The best facilitators alternate between patiently creating a safe space to help us find our feet and pushing us out of our comfort zone to face challenges head on. Being gifted with a wise teacher or mentor can help us gain the confidence to reach new heights!

Some individuals have made this their life and career, dedicating themselves as skilled school teachers spreading their gifts amongst the young SuperHEARoes among us. How grateful we are for their dedication and passion! Carol Du Toit Schools & Whispers Speech and Hearing Centre.


Advocates & Fundraisers:

Many SuperHEARoes never make the front page! Behind the success of each year’s Gears4Ears cycling race is an individual cyclist who asks their circle to sponsor them and subsequently every sponsor!  Advocacy does not have to take place from a podium! Sometimes advocates help bring change by simply speaking out without asking for (or even wanting) recognition for it.

If you are looking for some local inspiration, you may enjoy reading about existing South African SuperHEARoes : Part 1 : Part 2


Standing Together, Our Collective Strength:

The power of community is the power of all of its SuperHEARoes together and we should not under-estimate our collective strength!

Community; we can rely on it, we can help build it, and we benefit from its support. We at Southern ENT want to especially recognize the SuperHEARoes who find and make ways to help grow our community and make a positive difference. (Click here to Contact Southern ENT)

We encourage you to get involved or contribute in whatever capacity suits you. Each individual who engages becomes an important part of the SuperHEARoes and Sidekick team! To all SuperHEARoes & Sidekicks who are not summoned for their support and yet still show up to help; we offer our gratitude.

It is about more than the SuperHEARoes characters that are larger than life! It is about all the SuperHEARoes & Sidekicks in our lives!

For any information or advice, please call our offices on 011 667 6243

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