The Unseen Reality

September 2, 2016

What is our perception of Disability?


In our daily lives we rarely think to examine Life from the perspective of someone who is differently-abled. There might be a quick moment of pity for someone, followed by thankfulness or relief that we are ‘normal’ & then we move on. Have you ever forced yourself to imagine how it would be to have a disability and how frustrating it could be? Most of us become irritable when we get the inconvenient flu…

Surviving in a world fraught with unknowns, we somehow still thing to ourselves that disability “won’t happen to us”. While this might be an instinctive ostrich-in-the-sand approach to avoid the unpleasant, it may become our reality.

The truth is that when disability strikes it does not discriminate!

Some important education reads:

- “What is Normal Hearing?

- “Conductive Hearing Loss

- “Sensory Neural Heaing Loss

- “Mixed Hearing Loss


The Reality of Hearing Loss

No matter what our personal perception of disability might be, Hearing Loss is a real challenge to live with. This instantly becomes more real to us when someone we love is faced with Hearing Loss. When someone we may look up to or admire is affected, it can trigger a recognition in ourselves reminding us that the differences that divide us from being abled or disabled are quite small & trivial indeed! Many people acutely aware when superstar Brian Johnson of the famous classic rock band AC/DC declared that he has severe Hearing Loss.


Making the Unseen visible

Brian Johnson’s public acknowledgement of how a lack of hearing protection has left him with Hearing Loss has done some very important things. Not only has it jettisoned Hearing Loss into the general public dialogue to bring awareness regarding  the challenges of hearing impairment, it has also reminded the public that Hearing Loss can be prevented.

A respected ‘celeb’ shows that even the rich and famous are not immune from disabilities such as Hearing Loss and neither are you!


Prevention is possible in some cases

Damaged hearing can happen for a variety of reasons, which in some cases may not be As a result of something we did or did not do. However, there are some things we can do to protect our hearing. For instance, going to the doctor in the early stages of an infection may make a serious difference in how much hearing is lost. Being cognisant that noise-induced Hearing Loss happens over time from excessive noise not only warns the youth to keep their music volume-limits in check but also workers and employers of noisy workplaces, such as factories.

Noise-induced hearing loss is much like smoking. It doesn’t kill you in a day, or even a year, but slowly catches up with you. And when it does, it hits you like a ton of bricks. On top of that, we all lose some of our hearing as we get older which is a natural biological process.


Prevention is always better than a cure

Do not delay in getting your hearing tested. The sooner Hearing Loss is diagnosed the more treatment options exist to help you to stay in the world of sound! Urge those you know, your family, and your loved ones to get their hearing tested today! Download this easy to use App for your smartphone or tablet and check your hearing today.

HearZA was developed in conjunction with the University of Pretoria, is approved by audiologists, and is a free simple way to test your hearing.  It even refers you to the closest three audiology practices based on your location should you need a more diagnostic test.

Be aware of the noise levels where you live, work, and play. Take the necessary precautions such as limiting your exposure to unsafe levels of noise and investing in quality ear protection.


When Hearing Loss Happens Southern ENT is prepared

If you have already have Hearing Loss and are curious which options are available for you please contact us today. Southern ENT offers expert advice, world class technologies, and valuable support to those living with Hearing Loss in South Africa.

For any information or advice, please call our offices on 011 667 6243

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