The Youth is Facing an Inevitable, yet Preventable, Epidemic

September 2, 2016

The Harsh Truth


We are going to face an epidemic of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss due to the modern Headphone Culture that will only reveal its devastating effects in the years to come. Be aware of it Now!

How Marvel Comics has joined the fight to change public perception of Hearing Loss

A young child was resistant to wearing assistive hearing devices that worked with his cochlear implant because none of his favourite comic book Hero’s had them. Parental power however saved the day. His mom went above and beyond by contacting Marvel Comics to ask if they could create a relatable SuperHEARo!

In a move which deserves acknowledgement, Marvel rose to the challenge and created not one but two Hero’s, named Sapheara and Blue Ear. These two characters have helped paint an exciting and positive image of the awesome potential of those with Hearing Loss.

Marvel Custom Solutions Creative Director Bill Rosemann has this to say about Sapheara “She’s an inspiration to those who’ve been misjudged and underestimated by others, but refuse to sit on the sidelines.”

This comic has been successful in raising awareness of Hearing Loss, prevention awareness, education  regarding assistive technology possibilities, and positively impacting the lives of children with cochlear and bone conduction implants and other assistive hearing technology. The comic has created such a high demand that Marvel has decided to follow up the original comic with a few more issues to be released in 2016 which we at Southern ENT can’t wait to read! If you are a Parent & would like to introduce this to you children, click here.


Noise-Induced Hearing Loss can happen easily at High Volumes

It can be all too easy to dial up the volume past safe listening volumes to ‘immerse oneself into the music or video-game’.

Did you know that even listening for as little as 30 minutes at dangerously high levels can cause irrevocable damage to your inner ear?

Take safe listening volumes seriously! If you are a Parent insist that your children follow safe listening guidelines and ensure the devices they use have volume limits set.

Seeking Assistance to help a Loved One with Hearing Loss

Simply contact Southern ENT today to access the best assistive hearing technology from Cochlear™ & our team’s expertise within South Africa. We guarantee compassionate support.

For any information or advice, please call our offices on 011 667 6243

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