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December 20, 2016


Cochlear provides state of the art True Wireless™ technology to ensure that you have the tools that you need to achieve success in any environment. Our new Cochlear™ Wireless Mini Microphones 2 / 2+ are top of the range in function and unsurpassed when it comes to ease of access.

According to Cochlear™, the Mini Microphone eliminates the distance between the speaker and the hearing implant recipient by directly streaming the speech into the recipient’s sound processor(s). With the effects of background noise reduced, hearing performance is greatly improved. Mini Microphones make it easier to understand speech over distance as well as in noisy, challenging situations such as work meetings, classrooms, crowded restaurants or in the car.

Each recipient’s sound processor can pair with one personal wireless device (Phone Clip) and up to three other wireless devices such as the Mini Mic and the TV Streamer.

The other real cool and cost-effective feature is that only one Mini Mic is needed to stream to multiple sound processors and users!  It is thus a very cost-effective solution in the classroom and for families who have more than one Cochlear™ recipient.


Unique features of the Cochlear Wireless Mini Microphone 2

– A directional microphone makes this processor perfect for one-on-one communication

– This device is our smallest yet (a mere 25mm by 53mm) which allows it to be used discreetly.

Battery life of up to 11 hours (depending on the use of mode)


New features shared by Mini Microphone 2/2+

– An extended range of up to 25 meters!

– A volume lock to avoid any surprise changes

– A mute function as well as a drop detection sensor

– Utilizes the same 2.4 GHz frequency also used by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which ensures high-quality data transmission and privacy.

– Swivel clips to allow more flexibility in where the processor is attached.


Unique features of the Cochlear Wireless Mini Microphone 2+

– An Omni and directional microphone make this processor multi-functional for a wide variety of settings including individual and group environments

– Capable of table microphone abilities which means the processor can be placed horizontally on a surface for use in multi-speaker discussions.

– A battery life that can last up to 11 hours


New multiple audio input choices for the Mini Mic 2+

– Users can easily switch between  programs/functions using the mode button

– Telecoil (i.e. induction loop) allowing the user to take full advantage of the induction loop systems when available in schools, theatres, museums or churches.

– 3 pin Europlug for FM receiver capability utilizing the supplied FM receiver that plugs directly into the processor. This is an especially cost-effective feature for both bilateral and bimodal recipients as it lets individuals stream the signal to both ears using only one FM receiver.

– 3.5 mm Line-In Jack that connects to a variety of external audio sources. Connect to audio ports on tablets, laptops, Smartphones, televisions, etc.


Individuals Thriving with Cochlear™

We all need a little extra inspiration sometimes; that success is possible and our team here at Southern ENT knows this. Here are Cochlear™ success stories online here to provide encouragement and help make sure you never give up on your dreams because of hearing loss or a hearing impairment.

The Cochlear™ community is larger and more diverse than many can imagine. See what is possible by taking a glimpse into the journeys of others.

– Ally a bilateral Cochlear™ Implant user who is a an audiologist specializing in Cochlear™ Implants

– Alex a student studying Aeronautical Engineering.

– Blue O a musician with late onset hearing loss who rediscovered music with the help of a Cochlear™ Implant

– Adam a fifteen year old poet

A Deaf Mom parenting deaf children with Cochlear Implants


We are On Your Team

At Southern ENT we provide life-long valuable support and access to world class assistive hearing devices.

From boardrooms and university lectures to romantic dinners or relaxed television viewing, Cochlear™ technology can ensure you won’t miss a word!

For any information or advice, please call our offices on 011 667 6243

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