Top tiny tech of 2015

July 22, 2015

The Baha 5 isn’t the only tiny tech that is changing the world


Winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015, the Baha 5 is the smallest and smartest sound processor on the market. It offers an unparalleled hearing experience and is designed to help users enjoy clearer, crisper sound even in noisy environments.

Here are some more tiny tech products making waves in 2015:


1.  Smartwacthes

The Apple Watch is probably the most talked about smartwatch. It offers a range of customization options, support for Siri and Apple Pay, and a heart-rate monitor. It’s also compatible with more than 3,500 apps and counting, including everything from Uber and The New York Times to Yelp and Mint.


2.  World’s smallest mobile phone charger

The Fuel Micro Charger is a crowd-funded mini marvel. This emergency battery can give you around 20 to 30 minutes of extra talk time or even a couple hours on standby. You can easily take this compact key chain companion with you and never worry about running out of battery life.


3.  No more bulky keychains

The Keyport Slide is not just a stylish key holder or minimalist key organizer, it holds up to six keys and/or EDC tools (USB flash drive, mini-light, pen, bottle opener, and more) in a high-tech chassis about the size of a box of Tic Tacs. Unlike most multi-tools and Swiss Army style key organizers, the Keyport provides one-handed access to any of the items with just the slide of a thumb. It even has a unique serial number that can be used to facilitate its recovery via Keyport’s Reward If Found program.


4.  The world’s smallest PC

Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) models with fifth-generation Core processors. The new processor in the revised NUC has helped Intel shave the profile of the smallest model down to just a hair more than an inch thick. NUCs also cover around four and a half inches in width and length, so the whole package isn’t much larger than an Apple TV.


5.  Childcare just got easier, tech in a pacifier

Pacif-i™ transmits temperature data via Bluetooth to a free app on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The app determines when the temperature is the most accurate and then time-stamps and plots the temperature data in a graph.  Via the app, parents can record when medication was administered, set-up alerts/ reminders and share the data with carers and medical professionals. It also has a built-in proximity sensor that allows parents to monitor the pacifier’s location and so be alerted when their child wanders off. Within the app, parents can set the distance, up to a range of 20 metres before the alarm is triggered. Parents can also activate an alarm to locate a misplaced dummy.


Get your piece of tiny tech

The Baha 5’s slogan is “unbelievably small, incredible intelligent” – To find out why visit www.southernear.com or call Southern ENT +27 12 667 4832.

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