Travel hacks for the budget savvy

November 6, 2015

Travel tips to help you enjoy South Africa on a budget


Life is all about the journey and nothing makes a journey more memorable than the special people and experiences shared along the way. ¬†In a previous article we looked at travelling if money were no object, now let’s look at how you can experience a trip of a lifetime without breaking the bank.


Where to go

Like most travel destinations around the world, if you stick to tourist hotspots then you pay tourist prices, if you live more like a local then pricing is better and so is the experience.

The beautiful weather and variety of wide open spaces make South Africa a perfect destination for camping and backpacking.¬† You don’t need much gear to enjoy a night under the stars and the pricing beats any other accommodation. Click here for a comprehensive list of places.

If you are opting for a hotel, try booking sites like Trivago – they will help you find the very best rate so that you can enjoy all that the destination has to offer without the hefty price tag.


Getting there

The journey shouldn’t just be about where you are going, it’s also about how you get there. There is nothing like spending time together in a car or on a bus to help you get to know your friends better, make news ones, rekindle your relationship and just have fun. It’s also a brilliant way to see the countryside and experience life in the places you stop at on your way.

For those who want to fly instead, try Mode.com for the cheapest flights on offer. Also, sign up for airline newsletters so that they notify you of specials which will also help you to know a bargain when you see one. Just be sure to calculate in any hidden taxes and unlisted costs that may be incurred.



Eating at restaurants, especially in tourist hotspots is a definite no-no for those travelling on a budget. Instead you can opt for self-catering options that make it possible for your to live like a local. Shopping at local stores and enjoying the local fare will not only save you money, it will also make it possible to truly experience local flavours.  Embrace the diversity that South Africa has to offer by trying all kinds of dishes & treats offered by road-side stalls & bare-basics eateries.


Planning activities

Make sure you plan as many outings as possible that don’t involve entry fees. Enjoy exploring local villages, visiting markets, hiking mountains, lazing on beaches and relaxing next to swimming pools. Travelling out of season has multiple advantages including the reduction of in-season-rates.


What to pack

Pack lightly so that your bag is compact and easy to carry. Choose items that don’t crease and roll them up to save space. Avoid taking more than two pairs of shoes and select versatile items that dry quickly. And most important, remember to pack any back-up accessories and batteries if you are a cochlear implant- or Baha recipient.¬† You never know when Murphy might visit and being without hearing could spoil your trip.


Don’t wait to be handed a plane ticket, it may never happen

We at Southern ENT know that travel isn’t just about where you end up, it’s also about how you get there.¬† You don’t need a massive budget to travel, you just need to be a savvy traveler, book leave from work & make it happen.


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