Upgrade! Is it worth it?

July 22, 2015

Decisions made easier

We get faced with upgrade decisions all the time. It is not often that an upgrade can change the way you actually live. Here is an upgrade that does.

Wireless technology can upgrade your Cochlear Nucleus 6 and Baha 4 sound processor into a greater sense of freedom. This technology is designed to improve and ease day-to-day living by utilizing wireless connectivity – remember how your first TV remote changed your life? Well this change will make that experience pale into insignificance.

Wireless Accessories by Cochlear is just as much a revolutionary step as the processor itself, and we want you all to consider upgrading your hearing experience by switching to  Nucleus 6 or Baha 4.  Find our from your nearest clinic or audiologist if you are a candidate.

Cochlear Wireless accessories are “WOW”, But don’t take our word for it… take theirs.


Victor loves his connectivity to the world


Parents of five year old cochlear implant recipient Elijah talk about how the Mini Microphone has helped him to become more engaged in daily activities.

Teenager cochlear implant recipient Olivia talks about how the Phone Clip helps her to be part of today’s connected world.


Cochlear implant recipient Roger talks about having his own personal volume with the TV Streamer and experiencing the clarity and quality of sound.

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