Why it’s important for every child to learn to swim

November 6, 2015

Waterproof your sound processor with Aqua+ and never look back!


As a parent, you want the very best for your child and you want them to have every advantage. All children love water and even if they have physical challenges you certainly don’t want them to miss out on experiencing and enjoying water!


Encouraging a love and respect for water

The benefits of swimming are significant but not only from a life skill and safety perspective. Here are 5 reasons why swimming is crucial for every child:

- Swimming teaches team work and how to work on your own : keen swimmers can take part in swimming as a team or as an individual. These are life skills that they can apply to every aspect of their lives.

- Swimming is good exercise : swimming is an excellent, low impact exercise that can be enjoyed throughout one’s life.

- Swimming is good, clean fun! : swimming is a very social activity. This is especially true in South Africa where many people have access to pools. Swimming forms part of many people’s leisure time and if your child can’t swim they will miss out on the social side of swimming.

- Swimming teaches you safety…you never know when it will come in handy… Part of learning to swim is learning about being safety conscious.  Safe diving, safe places to swim, never swimming along, not bringing glass bottles to the pool, never running around the pool, what to do if you accidently fall in, wearing sun block and how to help others if they run into trouble in water is vital to know when it comes to safe swimming.

- Peace of mind : you can’t always be with your children but the things that you teach them and the life skills they learn, will. Knowing that your child knows how to stay safe around water is priceless.


Now you can make your child’s sound processor waterproof

Being able to hear while swimming is important for your child’s safety and their ability to take part in learning. You can now make your Nucleus® 5 or Nucleus® 6 sound processors completely waterproof.


How it works

The Nucleus® Aqua+ or reusable Aqua Accessory gives you 2 hours of full water protection to a depth of up to 3 metres. Relax in the bath or shower, take a swim in the pool or the sea – these accessories offer IP 68 ingress protection in chlorinated, salty or soapy water plus there is no need to worry about losing your sound processor – there are two retention accessories available to secure it.


Get your child swimming

If you’re wondering where to take your child for swimming lessons, try www.jozikis.co.za They have directories for all kinds of child related services and products. To find out more about waterproofing your child’s sound processor contact Southern ENT.

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