Wireless, but not Unplugged

November 6, 2015

Celebrating the freedom of wireless technology


Doing things truly wirelessly has infiltrated almost every environment, including the stage. Wires simply aren’t part of the package when it comes to performers wanting to give their best and truly wow the crowd with their onstage performance. ¬†This lends hugely to the entertainment aspect of the show but also makes it much safer.


The beauty of wireless technology

Before wireless technology was available, musicians were tethered to their equipment by cables that not only cramped their performance and held them back from truly feeling their music, they made stage management and safety planning very complex. Concerns around how they were setup, grounded and the possibility of rain were serious because any mistakes could be life threatening.


Now artists can flow with the energy of the music and audience, without being impeded or distracted by having to be mindful of cables. Wireless technology has changed the way that artists perform, giving them the freedom to wow their audience with acrobatics, special effects and props. They no longer have to worry about an electric shock in wet conditions, falling on stage or becoming disconnected from amplifiers.


In most instances, being wireless means more freedom to focus on & immerse oneself within the experience.


Go wireless with Southern ENT

Nucleus¬ģ 6 and Baha¬ģ wireless sound processors are compatible with a range of wireless accessories that give you the exact same freedom. Now you can experience the world without wires, with more focus.

Using the same 2.4 GHz technology as commonly used Bluetooth¬ģ and Wi-Fi devices,¬† the accessories are easily paired, turned on and off, and automatically reconnect if the connection drops. ¬†To find out more¬†click here

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