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Cochlear™ Recipients - Isabella Munnik, Alegra Engelbrecht, Lienka Cornelius, Kutluano Matshaba
Cochlear™ Nucleus® Recipients - Marietjie Prinsloo
Cochlear® Recipients - Johan Longland, Werner Rautenbach, Rudi Greyling
Cochlear­™ Nucleus® Recipient - Elzette Cilliers

We are the proud sole distributors of Cochlear™ Nucleus®, Baha® and Osia® systems, GN ReSound and Deafmetal® products in South Africa.

We enable people with all hearing impairments to hear so they may realise their full potential.

ReSound ONE
Baha® 6 Max
Nucleus® Kanso® 2
The Cochlear™ Baha® 5 family powers up
Baha® Connect System
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Baha® Attract System
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ReSound ONE
ReSound Linx quattro
Resound Enzo q
Resound key

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Cochlear™ Nucleus®
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Life Changing

Hearing Journey

Anne English - Implanted in 2011.

"At the age of 76 (2011) my first Cochlear Implant was switched on. I could HEAR after 2 decades!"

"I am a very happy and a different person since receiving a cochlear implant. I am immensely grateful to everybody who made this possible!”

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